IGI2 Covert Strike - nostalgia

  Marko797 12:47 18 Dec 2008

Am having a break from Quantum of Solace, and found IGI2 in a box of old games. I remember trying this some yrs ago and couldn't complete the Border Crossing level; it was just too hard. So I was stuck, had completed less than half the game, and in my frustration, uninstalled.

This time have managed to overcome it, and am now progressing nicely. Thing is, I'm on 'normal' setting, and can't believe how hard this game is.

Yes, the game is old (c. 2003), and the grafs don't compare to some modern titles, and there are a few bugs, but man, what a game!

Anyone else ever play this and complete it?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:44 18 Dec 2008

I remember the first game was amazing at the time, wasn't so keen on the second as the enemy could shoot you with unfailing accuracy from hundreds of yards away with submachine guns and even on the other side of hills.
Hang on! it's just like Far Cry 2!!

  Marko797 20:32 18 Dec 2008

Agree insofar as IGI; it was amazing..remember the no saves?

This 2nd IGI is still holding its own, but can't agree that it's like FC2 in any shape or form.

I left FC2 out of sheer boredom, whereas IGI2 is far from boring. Lots of SPS (Sweaty Palm Syndrome) despite being able to save 3 times per level.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:19 19 Dec 2008

I'd agree about IGI not being boring but still think the uncanny accuracy of the enemy in IGI a bit like FC2!
Did you ever play Delta Force? - that was my other passion for a while, a year back they bought out a re-issue, same game but updated graphics.

  Marko797 11:08 20 Dec 2008

Go on, dig it out & get shooting. You know you want to!

Must say, I'm absolutely loving it and it brings back fond memories. Aside from the game play (which I think is very clever), it's the accompanying music that's so good; almost 'haunting' if you know what I mean & at times really gets the adrenaline flowing?

Understand what you mean with regard to the long range accuracy of enemy fire, but this just makes the game more interesting to my mind, and keeps you (even more) on your toes.

I think the IGI games in general have been the most difficult games for me ever, and do demand some skill and, at times, a lot of patience in comparison to other FPS; even the more modern ones. Must confess there are times when I'm a bag of nerves, especially when I've used all 3 saves, and still have some way to go to complete the mission! Sad I know. IGI 1 of course had no saves, so I was physically drained after each level!!

Never did play all of Delta Force, well apart from a few levels on my mate's machine and it seemed a bit 'buggy' but this might have been down to his machine at the time.

Another game (well 2) that I loved and have played several times, were Deus Ex. Fantastic IMHO, and once IGI2 has been completed, will think about getting Deus Ex re-installed if I can find the discs. Apparently, there's a Deus Ex 3 being developed too!

  citadel 21:40 21 Dec 2008

at gog.com you can get old games that have been optimised to run on xp and vista and they are drm free.

  Marko797 21:21 20 Jan 2009

this is sad, I know, but have to announce that I have finally, completed this terrific game - yeehah!!. Very hard, even on normal setting, but well worth it. Not bad for an old banger of a game c.2003!!

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