If You Use Grey Market According To Developers...

  Menzie 23:15 01 Jul 2019

You might as well pirate the games instead. Various developers have lashed out on Twitter and to various gaming publications. They say that buying Grey Market Keys means they don't get paid a penny. In some cases they have to offer support for keys purchased through services like this and they actually lose money.

Anyone here ever purchased keys from such sites?

  Old Deuteronomy 11:06 02 Jul 2019

No, too much risk of being ripped-off. Just wait until games have been out for a while, they usually get discounted through the legitimate outlets.

  Menzie 12:51 02 Jul 2019

I haven't purchased through the site quoted in the above link before, but I have purchased a key or two on another site. That site wasn't seller based however and was actually under the company so I'd hope that all was above board.

I don't buy games on release these days, the prices tumble in a matter of weeks so I usually wait. Plus with games more complex than ever I like to wait for patches and all the little issues to be ironed out before I jump in.

I've always purchased at the budget end from the Hit Squad budget releases on my Amstrad CPC and Amiga. To the Sold Out Software range that was so popular on the PC in the 90s.

The last game I got on launch was Rayman Legends on the PC. I had to play it after thoroughly enjoying the previous game on my Xbox. As a result of pre-ordering I got a copy of the previous game for the PC too.

  wee eddie 15:48 03 Jul 2019

The impression that I get is that many Gamers will do almost anything to avoid paying the going rate to the Creator

  Menzie 22:58 03 Jul 2019

Quite a few gamers aren't happy with the price of gaming. Especially since paid bonus content can almost double the cost of a game.

There is a bit of a need it now mentality as waiting just a little bit can mean significantly lower prices.

  Haddince 15:26 04 Jul 2019

No. Thankfully, I'm not one to be preoccupied with doing things first. I completely understand why these exist though, and who they are for.

  mrgrumpy 18:36 04 Jul 2019

I have to purchased grey keys but I have genuine keys I cant use. I have had you repurchased all mass effect series, dragon age , forth protocol and Wolfenstein games again so I could take a trip down memory lane on a new pc.

When I tried to install all of the above the discs they went to the makers internet sites and boxes came up saying sorry the keycodes are already registered.



  john bunyan 19:39 04 Jul 2019

Most software including MBAM Premium, Adobe Photoshop etc requires you to unregister from one PC before registering on another. I imagine games are similar. I had a motherboard failure on a laptop so could not do it but MBAM and Adobe sorted it out after confirming with Dell that the old SSD ( whole PC replaced under warranty) . I would contact the software supplier if needed

  mrgrumpy 19:42 04 Jul 2019

thanks for that john but origin and gog.com don't talk to customers

  Menzie 23:17 04 Jul 2019

No some of the older games before Steam became the standard literally had limited installs. Once you installed it a set number of times that was it. Some companies would offer you a discounted key. They did this when piracy became rampant as a way to curb things but it didn't really work in the end.

That is one good thing about Steam, you can install your games as many times as you wish without it locking you out.

The other thing about old pre-client installs is there was some pretty strong DRM then. I remember one particular DRM tool making my system completely unstable when it installed from a game I owned and was trying to play.

  mrgrumpy 23:46 04 Jul 2019

when I first started buying games in a real shop and only got a steam id card it peed me off but then as menzie pointed out its the perfect concept , loose a disc or damage it your stuffed , put steam on god knows how many pc's and on first client install all you have to do is use same details to get back what you paid for , its a no brainer , and no I am not on steam commission for saying they good !

ps I once bought a game I dare not name and fine print said , to work properly on our servers you need to turn off your anti virus software , its the only time pc world agreed with me it was wrong and gave me a refund.

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