I want to play fortnite with 0 stuttering please

  Jonanderlgr 18:39 21 Aug 2018

Hello I have a lot of questions about the performance im getting in my games, I play overwatch and fortnite and I dont have problems with them, except when sometimes I get some kinda frame drops, screen tearing or im not sure what it is, but this happens only in fortnite, any advices or things i should know about my system? My specs are:

Gpu: Nvidia gtx 1080 Founders edition Cpu: An intel core i7 6700k 4.0Hz unlocked Motherboard: an asus aura b150 Ram: 16gb ram corsair vengeance Power supply: evga 650w pwrspply Cpu cooler: cooler master hyper 212 Evo Monitor: Asus "24" monitor 144hz

Anything I need to change to fix those little frame drops? I was planning on buying the asus swift monitor with 240hz to fix this because probbly its my monitor but Im not sure, can someone pls tell me what i need to change? Maybe cpu cooler cuz its not that good and the fan isnt working well, not sure tho

  techblogger911 12:09 24 Aug 2018

I was kinda in the same boat, tried various settings but I am settled with these modifications for now click here

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