I want advice on a gaming pc

  elliot.lambie 19:20 18 May 2019

I am looking to get a gaming pc. However, I am under a strict budget of around 200-250£. Is it even worth building one at this price range? I have spoke to my friend and he has said it wouldn't be worth it although I have seen a few budget pc builds. Could someone give me advice on this please and suggest some parts to use. I would only really be getting some single player games to play. Thanks.

  wee eddie 19:38 18 May 2019

Even at double your current budget, you will be hard pressed to find a satisfactory Gaming PC.

  elliot.lambie 19:55 18 May 2019

click here someone give me their opinion on this


  wee eddie 13:41 19 May 2019

He says, at the beginning. Making a gaming PC for $200 is not possible.

However, he says that using older, used parts, makes this possible. To plan this requires considerable computer knowledge and there is a risk that the parts you buy are being sold because they are potentially faulty.

He also say that nothing you can do, at this price point, will play the latest games

  wee eddie 23:47 24 May 2019

This is TTB's first posting, so he can be excused for not noticing our Pop's £200 budget

  grumpy old man 18:36 06 Jul 2019

I would think it impossible to build a pc of any kind for the price range mentioned even if you used obsolete componants.

IF you know differently then I would be interested to see the list of parts used BUT to keep within the forum guidelines do not say where to buy them or you may be blocked for advertising.

  pcgamer 05:07 11 Jul 2019

If you want to get advice on gaming so as per my opinion, You must download free pc games for your pc. Here many new pc games is free for any user.

  Mitchie23 10:35 11 Jul 2019

If you're on a tight budget, I suggest you getting a gaming laptop instead. Just make sure you check the specs well and should be matched with the type of online games you wanna play.

However, if you really want to experience a higher level of gaming, please consider building or upgrading your own desktop. You can buy expansion cards for the graphics and memory. Just make sure all are compatible with the motherboard.

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