I need help purchasing a gaming Pc

  Reece_d_T 00:46 16 Apr 2017

Hi, I'm a Ps4 user wanting to start Pc gaming but I have know idea what Pc to purchase. I want to be able to play games such as h1z1 and rainbow six siege etc.Im willing to spend between £800-850(this price does not include monitor, mouse and keyboard). I want to know if I could purchase a Pc for that price able and be to play them games and run them with little issue. To be honest I would be looking for a low maintence computer(if that's even a thing) as I would have a little chance of being able to fix it if something went wrong! I would be very appreciative if someone could help me.

  JeremyRundle 14:41 19 Apr 2017

I have no idea regarding pre built computers, I have built mine and my sons since 486's, and my advice would be to spend a week researching parts.

Personally I would go for a known board by Gigabyte/Asus, 3/4Tb hard drive with a decent SSD and decent graphic card and build it myself.

But remember a JUST good graphic card can cost hundreds, my son has just bought two for £1,400.

  JeremyRundle 14:43 19 Apr 2017

Look here click here here SCAN or Overclockers


  Archonar 18:06 19 Apr 2017

my advice would be to spend a week researching parts

This is the best advice, read reviews, look at the kinds of performance people are getting out of the components before you buy. I would also recommend looking at pcspecialist in addition to the websites recommended by JR. You choose your parts then they build the custom pc for you and ship it to you. That way you get exactly what you want rather than paying for things that you don't really want/need. Feel free to post the spec on here so we can let you know what we think / would change.

  Forum Editor 18:45 19 Apr 2017

Advising someone to build a computer when he/she has clearly stated that "I would have a little chance of being able to fix it if something went wrong!" is hardly very helpful.


Don't be intimidated by talk of spending hundreds of pounds on graphics cards - there are plenty of computers available off the shelf that are perfectly capable of handling games, particularly for a beginner.

Your budget is going to get you a decent machine that will be ready to go, but don't expect a top-end computer for £850.

Take a look at this - our helpful guide to what you need, and the best machines for your budget.

  Forum Editor 18:46 19 Apr 2017

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  Menzie 00:13 21 Apr 2017

Great advice by the Forum Editor, you might look at benchmarks online which show a huge gulf in performance between mid-range and high-end components but £800 will get you a perfectly functional computer that will play all the available titles today well.

If you're not comfortable tinkering then building your own isn't the way to go as with a pre-built you will get a more hands-on support that you don't get with self builds.

  wee eddie 00:23 21 Apr 2017

The only thing one could add to what hasaalready been said is:

Avoid Store bought PC's like the plague

  Menzie 17:37 21 Apr 2017

Another thing to look at when going custom is that many builds don't factor in the Operating system, keyboard, mouse or a monitor.

So make sure to budget for these if you don't currently have them.

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