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I need help with pc stuff

  Harrycl 22:13 18 Aug 2018

Hello, I am a console gamer but recently have decided to upgrade to pc. I was told by many people that it would be best to build my own pc. I have a £500 limit and have no idea about any of the components. Could some one please suggest what components I need and what is compatible, and also within my budget. I would like it to be able to run games such as GAY V Terraria etc

  martd7 12:18 19 Aug 2018

Hi No not really you are far better off purchasing your own pc nowadays,£500 will not get you very far in today's gaming market

You could look at what chillblast,CCL,pc specialist,novatech are offering and others

  techblogger911 12:14 24 Aug 2018

You should try pc part picker and choose the components, I found three builds which cost lower than 500 GBP but again it will depend upon the location. Builds

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