I need help with my specs i'm new guys :(

  danielcg3 00:11 28 Jun 2017

motherboard: Fatal1ty B250 Gaming K4

processor: intel core i3 7100 3.9ghz or should I use i5 7400?

ram:DDR4 8GB 2400Mhz Corsair Vengeance LPX 1x8GB Single Channel

hard drive: Western Digital WD 1TB SATA3 7200rpm

graphic card: PNY Nvidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5

power supply:Thermaltake 500w Smart Series 80 Plus White PS-SPD-0500

  martd7 08:00 28 Jun 2017

I5 if your doing some serious gaming,save some money and purchase the 3gb version of the gtx 1060,from what I've read its a difference of 10fps

  martd7 08:06 28 Jun 2017

Some info here

click here

  Menzie 22:30 28 Jun 2017

The 1060 3GB and 6GB actually have different processing features on board but in the real world you're not looking at a great leap in framerate.

At 1080p 3GB of VRAM should be enough, only a few PC games will probably exceed this but these are at crazy settings which go beyond ultra any way.

What kind of resolution are you planning to use with this system?

  danielcg3 22:38 28 Jun 2017

Well 1080p is what i wanted, i was saying the 6gb because i've found a goood deal like 20 bucks more than the 3gb, but i want to play decently for a few years so it seems nice to me, what do you think menzie?

  martd7 23:54 28 Jun 2017

If your planning to game in 4k then yes the 6gb gtx will perform better and at only 20$ more yes its a bargain,apart from the video card I would not buy an i3

  Menzie 01:00 29 Jun 2017

If it's only $20 more then go for the larger VRAM.

My current machine has 4GB of VRAM and so far only Battlefield 4 has used all of it at 1080p.

The extra will leave you some headroom in the future as video memory requirements increase.

  danielcg3 04:15 29 Jun 2017

Thanks guys, you helped me a lot!!

  DanielBrayn 08:18 30 Jun 2017

All are perfect but I think you should build 144Hz monitor. It is more suitable for gaming purposes.

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