I need a cheap but high performing gaming PC.

  JayW99 15:21 27 Jul 2017

I currently own a Mac and I want to get the Oculus Rift and Touch, I am trying to find a cheap but still high-performing gaming PC, although I don't have a budget, I don't have a lot of money and I need the cheapest one possible for the Oculus Rift and Touch.

  martd7 17:26 27 Jul 2017

Cheap and high performance doesn't equate

You need to set yourself a budget,and see how good a pc you can purchase within your budget

Do you need a monitor as well?

  Menzie 17:31 27 Jul 2017

To be honest if VR is what you're after buying a cheap gaming PC is not recommended.

It won't have the performance required to render multiple images at the high framerate required. If a decent framerate isn't given for VR it can cause nausea, not to mention dampen your experience somewhat.

Exactly what sort of budget do you have set out for this?

  Forum Editor 22:42 27 Jul 2017

Moved to the Games forum from Tech Helproom.

  Ryan Stevens 09:21 28 Aug 2017

Hi, Friends, I love to playing games but now I got some issue about playing the latest games because of low configuration. That's why I decided to change my PC configuration but small confused about it. Does anyone guide me about what configuration is the best for playing latest games without any issue?

  Old Deuteronomy 11:12 28 Aug 2017

Ryan Stevens, you should start your own thread rather than hijack an old one.

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