I am considering buying a Zoostorm 7877-0095 for gaming. Should I?

  JoshuaLeivers 21:07 08 Aug 2014

I am considering buying a Zoostorm 7877-0095 for gaming but I don't know whether to or not. I need to know whether it will be good for games like Arma 3, Garry's Mod and Rust. I wanted to know about how much FPS it will run at, will it lag, will it run well and will it work at all. (If I need to make a cheap upgrade I will around £20 but I don't want to waste money buying the computer and it not working). Thanks!

  Forum Editor 22:06 08 Aug 2014

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  Mr Mistoffelees 23:10 08 Aug 2014

With only an Intel core i3 processor and, more importantly, no dedicated graphics card, it will not be any use for your purpose.

  JoshuaLeivers 23:15 08 Aug 2014

According to Amazon it's i5 with a IntelHD2000 graphics card.

  JoshuaLeivers 23:16 08 Aug 2014

But I don't know whether that is good for it or not.

  JoshuaLeivers 23:38 08 Aug 2014

Also, according to the reviews, all that is a bit low end is the graphics card and the power (300w) supply which should be easy enough to change. I just need to know if it's good enough or if I need a slight upgrade of a part or what.

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