How many games do you have on the go?

  mrwoowoo 22:47 16 Jun 2008

I have 7 games that i am playing at present.It's either my low boredom threshold or the fact that non are addictive/good enough to demand my complete attention.Never had more than 2 going before. Anyone else do this?
They are.
Asassins creed..Love it,but kids keep nicking my
Frontlines..Very good,nearly finished
Bioshock..Excellent,2nd time around.Just started.
Jericho...good.Just started.
Blacksite and Turok...Not up to much.Might give
give up on them (bit boring)
FSX..Good for a fiddle.
Can you beat this total or are you a bit more sensible?

  belfman 23:08 16 Jun 2008

Ninja Gaiden2

and I have pretty much abandoned COD4 on PC.

  mrwoowoo 23:18 16 Jun 2008

"and I have pretty much abandoned COD4 on PC".
Why? Surely you can't be unimpressed?
Or are you not partial to FPS games?

  wolfie3000 23:20 16 Jun 2008

I have a few games on the go but have completed them all, many i play online though.

1, Halo CE (completed, play online)
2, Tomb raider anniversary, (Completed, now modding)
3, Tomb raider Legend, (Completed, now modding)
4, GTA Vice city, (Completed)
5, GTA San Andreas, (Completed, play online)
6, F.E.A.R. (Play online)
7, Postal 2 (Completed, play online)
8, Gunz (Play online)
9, Rising Eagle (Play online)
10, Alien arena 2008 (Play online)
11, Skulltag (Play online)
12, Max payne 1 & 2 (Completed, now modding)

Thats pretty much it for me at the moment.

  Earthsea 23:24 16 Jun 2008

Some of these have been on my system for 3 years:

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
X2 - The Threat (yet to start)
Neverwinter Nights + 2 expansions I haven't installed yet
Baldur's Gate Tales from Sword Coast (almost finished)
Grand Theft Auto 2 (yet to start)
Tomb Raider Legend (Gametap)
Thief 2 (Gametap) (yet to start)

I've always found it difficult finding time to play them, but will try harder in future!

  Marko797 23:40 16 Jun 2008

Bioshock - playing currently
MOH Airborne
FEAR Perseus Mandate - finished but keep dipping in when I get bored with the above 2
COD4-MW - yet to load
Assassins Creed - yet to load

Like mrwoowoo, I don't think I have a game which I find totally absorbing. One's which have held my attention fully in the past (caused me 'grief'too) and recent past would be:

Halflife/Opposing Forces/Blue Shift
Halflife 2 and Episodes
Deus Ex - naturally both of them
MOH Allied Assault

  belfman 00:15 17 Jun 2008

mrwoowoo I am not really a big fan of FPS, I sort of dabble in them from time to time. Most of my all time favourite games are of the 3d platform type.

  crosstrainer 08:13 17 Jun 2008

COD4 (nearing the end)
FEAR1 (started a new game, interval 5)
Flight SIm X (ongoing :)
FEAR Perseus Mandate (halfway through another game)
MP2 (new game)

Variety is the spice of life :))

  crosstrainer 12:54 17 Jun 2008

One less now....Just finished COD4. Roll on Alone In The Dark!

  phoenix198 09:13 18 Jun 2008

Bioshock (PC) - thoroughly enjoying it and will definitely finish
Thief: Deadly Shadows (PC) - heavy going, might stick at it.
Tomb Raider Anniversary & Legend (PC) - been on PC for what seems like forever, but I never tire of a good bit of Lara :-)
Halo 2 (PC) - just finished on 'heroic'
Deus Ex (PC) - just set it up to play again in widescreen
Deus Ex Invisible War (PC) - mmm, why did I bother?

Pending installation:

World in Conflict
Command & Conquer 3


Halo 3 (360) - is it me or does this get tedious on single-player (don't do MP - I no longer have the reflexes of a striking mongoose)
Bioshock (360) - every bit as good as the PC version and a 42" plasma adds something
Kane & Lynch (360) - good bit of mindless violence :-)
CoD3 (360) - OK, but a bit scripted
Gears of War (360) - God, I suck at this game!
HL2 (360) - great game
Frontlines (360) - finished it. OK, but no much replay value
Conflict: Denied Ops (360) - awful! Just plain awful!
Blacksite (360) - fun but over much too quickly

Resistance Fall of Man (PS3) - great game
Uncahrted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) - brilliant! Lara with (yet more) violence
Haze (PS3) - disappointing graphics but enjoying the gameplay
Stranglehold (PS3) - huge fun! John Woo with added violence!

I don't get out much ....

  Coltch 10:16 19 Jun 2008

Currently playing at the moment.

Assassins Creed - only just started
PES2008 - great fun against your mates
Oblivion - modded to the hilt, fantastic game
GTR2 - no other racing game competes
Crysis - would love to see it running with everything set to 'Very High'.
COD2 - still get loads of enjoyment out of this

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