How long do you expect to be playing games?

  rdave13 20:14 23 Jan 2013

This is incredible how sprightly she is at her age,

Good old Nintendo.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:37 24 Jan 2013

I am 59 and as I am practically housebound I spend a good portion of my days playing games mainly FPS's but I have also logged over 800 hours on user generated maps on Portal 2. I have completed Borderlands 2 and now are trying to discover every area and complete every quest.

I have in the region of 120 games on my PC and regularly play around 30 of them.

Sad I know but I could add this is the first real pastime/hobby I have ever had that and building/repairing PC's.

  rdave13 11:14 24 Jan 2013

What's sad about it? It's a great hobby especially if housebound. It keeps you mentally fit but it must be time consuming. I'm not very good at games so that doesn't say much about me :(

These modern games have left me behind but I did handle the old PS1 games quite well.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:19 24 Jan 2013

Then definitely have a look at Portal 1 and 2 on Steam. Puzzle solving which is not usually my thing but these games are great especially 2.

  rdave13 11:27 24 Jan 2013

I have created an account with steam just to try out Black Meza. A freebie of course. Got as far as the area with the red lasers in the room but kept being killed. My interest then faded. I sometimes download demos from Gamer's Hell just to see how the graphics are improving in these games. Can't even finish some of them so I'm a lost cause I think.

  Kevscar1 12:45 24 Jan 2013

Chronos year younger but same problem.Can't really do well at FPS's anymore but games like Fallou 3. vegas and skyrim with the user made mods keep me going, Did over 150hrs on Fallout 3

  hzhzhzhz 23:18 24 Jan 2013

I'm 58 and loving Crysis2 and FC3 at the moment.


  nickf 00:03 25 Jan 2013

I`m only a mere pup at 52 , Love playing Crysis 2 , but total rubbish at multiplayer ! Got about 15 games on PC at the moment . Almost finished Crysis 2 and StarCraft 2 , Going to have a crack at Dishonored next I think . I play all my games in 3D .

  mrwoowoo 00:47 25 Jan 2013

nickf 51 here. Not long finished Dishonored,and cam honestly say it was one of the best games i've ever played. 3D? Is that on a 3D TV or on a PC? As i've played a few in stereoscopic 3D on PC. Batman Arkham asylum was one. Finished Far cry 3, and am now playing Hitman absolution and The walking dead.

  Chronos the 2nd 07:16 25 Jan 2013


I found Skyrim incredibly boring unfortunately one of the few games I have only played once. I found it very annoying that you had to grind your way to get decent weapons and combat seem to be find entrance fight your way through tunnel fight boss,rinse and repeat. Fallout 3 I did enjoy though towards the end of the DLC I was getting a little tired of it.


Agree about Dishonoured,fantastic game. The first DLC has been a bit of a disappointment though.


Crysis 2, great game especially the second time around. Far cry 3 I am struggling with, just cannot get into it at all.I hope it is not another Max Payne 3 which I did not finish.

  nickf 09:06 25 Jan 2013

mrwoowoo , I have an AsusVG278 27" monitor with Nvidia 3D vision 2 built in . No 3D TV for me , SHE does not like it .

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