Hey Guys. Advice?

  Snookielu 19:28 13 Aug 2010

Hey guys,

Im looking for a laptop to play wow (world of warcraft) and for internet usage within my price range (£600 or so)

I quite like the specs of the following ones. Could you please voice some opinions?

Thanks very much

1. AMD Athlon P320 (2.1GHz) processor. 4Gb RAM. 320Gb hard drive. 15.6in widescreen display. DVD SuperMulti drive. Integrated graphics. 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. Integrated webcam. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium.

2. Intel Pentium T440 processor
4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive
15.6in HD Acer CineCrystal LCD display
DVD SuperMulti drive
Shared graphics
802.11 b/g WiFi
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

3. Intel Core i3-330M
3GB RAM and 320GB hard drive
15.6in LED backlit TFT display
DVD SuperMulti dual layer optical drive
Intel HD Graphics
Built-in webcam
3 x USB ports
Windows 7 Home Premium
Weight: 2.7kg

Which one of these (if any) would be good for what I'm looking for?

Thanks again for your opinions!

  Snookielu 11:43 14 Aug 2010

Bump. Could really use some help please.

  Snookielu 18:02 14 Aug 2010

Anyone, please, help?

  Forum Editor 18:33 14 Aug 2010

rather than the Helproom, so I'll move it over there now.

I'm sure that one of our gaming forum members will offer some advice fairly soon.

  citadel 21:49 14 Aug 2010

shared graphics no good for gaming. warcraft may be playable, check supported graphics at warcraft site.

  wolfie3000 23:27 14 Aug 2010

Specs for World of Warcraft,

click here

  gengiscant 09:38 15 Aug 2010

This would probably be a better bet for a gaming laptop click here
this is a little more than your budget.click here
£600 is not much for a gaming laptop, I myself am looking for one but have realized that I will need to spend more than I really want to. But I play shooter which require a higher spec.
But even with WOW to play it with a decent frame rate and without turning down the graphical effects to much I would think that you will need to spend a bit more.
I must add I have never played WOW in fact never seen it being played so I might be talking utter crap. As I said I am a shooter fan.

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