HELP...Logitech controller not recognized by game

  chris041979 13:45 28 Dec 2010


I bought a Logitech Chillstream for my laptop to play FIFA 11. Plugged in, loaded up game, works. Until today, I load the game and the controller doesnt work on the game. I plugged it into an XBOX, controller works, but all of a sudden FIFA 11 doesnt seem to recognize the controller. I have opened the controller properties and tested it and works on the computer, but not in the game anymore? Do I need to update the controller driver ( even though windows says its in date )

Just to note, I did a system restore and it worked again, but has now stopped working???

Any ideas, forgive me if im missing something.

Many Thanks

  gengiscant 17:11 28 Dec 2010

Always useful to mention your operating system.
Drivers here click here
Download the driver, put it somewhere that you can find it, uninstall old driver then reinstall new one.

  chris041979 22:45 28 Dec 2010

OS is Win 7, according to Logitech Win 7 does not require drivers for this. Also when I check the status of the controller on the pc, it works fine, and no driver updates are required, only when FIFA 11 comes on it does not work. I have checked out EA Sports and the controller is compatible with the game on a pc, as it was working. Frustrating as im 100 miles in middle of North Sea!

  chris041979 23:00 28 Dec 2010

message from Logitech website regarding controller!...This product does not ship with software. It uses the native USB drivers already present in your operating system.

  gengiscant 13:08 29 Dec 2010

I had a look around the EA Sports FIFA 11 forum and I think that this is a problem which no one has been able to sort yet.
I am a PC gamer myself and it can be very frustrating trying to get games to work properly. I am having bother with COD Black Ops and Fallout New Vegas.
Not much help to you but you might get more suggestions from the EA site click here

  chris041979 13:26 29 Dec 2010

Hi, I will try there thanks, its just frustrating as its def not the controller and re-installed the game. I did do a system restore when it first happened and it worked again. But the second time, I've tried a system restore and doesn't work. Strange as it was ok for a month! Thanks

  ams4127 23:09 29 Dec 2010

The only thing I can suggest (and it's a long shot) is to try running the game in compatability mode and see what happens.

  chris041979 23:01 30 Dec 2010

Tried that, but nothing different. The only thing I can think of is that I have been away for 20 or so days and not had the laptop connected to the internet and not had any updates. Either that, or FIFA 11 + Win 7 + Logitech dont seem to get on very well. Strange as I haven't heard this problem. I have had a reply from Logitech, but not much help

  ams4127 23:19 30 Dec 2010

One last thing. Try reinstalling the game and see if it helps. I assume your controller is connected by USB and I would therefore check that your USB Root Hubs are not set to automatically power down in Device Manager.

  chris041979 10:49 31 Dec 2010

Ive tried re-installing and its the same. How do I check my USB Root hubs? When I go onto printers/devices and check the controller it does work

  ams4127 19:05 31 Dec 2010

Control Panel - Device Manager - Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers - select Usb Root Hub.

Right click and select Properties and the Power Management tab. Untick the box which allows Windows to shut down the device to save power.

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