Help! Nfs hp 2010 black screen

  Kunal123 13:24 16 Mar 2018

Hi! When I run nfs hp 2010 on my pc, well, the game starts up, but after the first screen where they show the manufacturer logos, the next screen after that goes black, the game does not crash either, until I manually alt+tab and close it. The screen remains black until I close it.Any help?�/p>

My specs: Cpu : intel core 2 duo e8400 3.0 ghz

Ram: 4gb Gpu:nvidia geforce gt 710 Os: win 7 64 bit

Please help I really want to play
that game. Thank you

  Devil Fish 23:41 16 Mar 2018

Try compatibilty mode for win xp sp2 it is an old game in pc terms. You could also try to free up some ram by closing un needed back ground programs that are running

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