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Help! Gaming pc for 13 year old, I have no clue!

  Georgie Turnbull 21:01 24 Nov 2019

I am in desperate need of some advice on gaming pc's!

My son (13) has been asking for a gaming pc for a few years now and I am going to get him one for xmas. The problem is, I have no clue what I am looking at and I get more confused as I look! Budget is not massive - £600 for the CPU(? If that's what it is called).

He is very good on fornite and currently plays on an xbox one. He is constantly moaning about lagging and frame rate when the circle gets smaller towards the end of a game.

I've asked what I can here and there to get a sense of what he wants without giving it away. So far, I can gather he definitely doesn't want AMD? I'm not sure what that is or why he is against it. He wants i5-i7, 1 or 2tb with 16gb of ram. Prices vary so much that I have no idea what would be best to buy for my budget. Is it too low for what he wants?

He would mostly be playing fortnite but likes rainbow 6 seige and COD.

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  Gordon Freeman 14:40 25 Nov 2019

£600 isn't going to cut it I'm afraid. Check this TA link just to get a feel. Some are a bit dated but you'll get the gist. Then try the respective sites & see if you can configure something in budget.

Tech Advisor PCs

i5-i7, 1 or 2tb with 16gb of ram...well i5 should do what he wants, as well as 16gb RAM, but not sure he needs 2tb...check prices to see if it's affordable. SSDs have dropped in price but not sure of cost of 2tb. Don't get AMD, Intel are better in my opinion.

  Georgie Turnbull 19:23 25 Nov 2019

Thanks so much for your reply - I did think we wouldn't be able to get what he wanted for the price unfortunately. I've had a look and they are all way out of my price range, so I have been looking at ones we could possibly add to/upgrade as I think he would enjoy it.

Do you think something like this would be suitable for that? click here

  Gordon Freeman 10:21 26 Nov 2019

George that looks to be out of stock.

That said, that type of machine might do the job, except I'd go for 16gb RAM.

  conrail 22:15 11 Dec 2019

don't supose these will suffice? - click here

  Bubbleboo 11:43 03 Mar 2020

This is a good starting point for a build close to your budget. 16GB DDR4 RAM, Ryzen 5 2600, 1660 Ti 6GB stock OC and anything else your kid would need for gaming.

  SweetPotatoes 07:00 04 Mar 2020

For a starter, I think Dell G5 Gaming Desktop or Corsair Vengeance 6182 Gaming PC is good enough for a teenager.

  ankit213506 07:17 15 May 2020

If you want to play a heavy game then go for at least with i5, 8Gb of RAM & a good graphics card of 4 GB. It will cost around 40K. If you want to play lower then go for some low

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