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Help with choosing pre-built gaming PC

  swordlily 11:38 21 Jun 2018


I would appreciate getting some advice on choosing already built PC that I could buy in my country. Everything looks overpriced but I only recently got into gaming and don't know much about much :) I plan to play WoW and Witcher 3, maybe something else like Planet Coaster or GTA5 or even Far Cry5 . It would be great if this PC would serve for some time and could handle something more challenging in the future (if it is possible to upgrade some parts) I have several gadgets in mind, if someone is willing to look at the links and suggest or maybe you could suggest a website or a forum where I can get some help?

Also we have some stores that let you choose all the parts and build it for you. Only that'd be very challenging for me because there are like 50 choice of each component.

click here


  swordlily 11:41 21 Jun 2018

links: click here


  techblogger911 07:42 21 Jul 2018

Which country are you in? I would help you out if you gave the necessary details.

  Scott will 10:49 23 Jul 2018

Hello,in which country do you want to buy a pc, & do you have any particular brand in mind?

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