Headset connected to microphone, audio direction

  MusamaTheSlip 16:44 03 Jul 2018


I recently decided to purchase a better quality microphone for when i record game play through my PS4, I got a Blue Yeti USB microphone and am very please with it. The first problem I had with this setup is that for some reason the PS4 would not let me use my Bluetooth headset for game audio whilst using my Yeti as my microphone input. If I chose to receive game and chat audio through my headset it would instantly change the microphone input to be my headset microphone (which obviously I didn't want).

This in its self was not a big issue as i could set all audio to go through my Yeti and then just connect my headset to the Yeti using an aux cable, which worked. I then had game and chat audio coming through my headset and clear microphone input audio going through my Yeti.

I then discovered a problem which I have no idea how to solve...

The audio that is coming through my headset is slightly off. By this I mean its still as clear and crisp as it was before i connected it through my Yeti, However the direction of the audio is behaving strangely. Now without going into unnecessary detail i will describe to you the experience I've had.

The game that i play the most is a game called Dead By Daylight, like a lot of games this relies heavily on directional audio. Since connecting my headphones to my microphone the direction of my audio in game has become completely messed up. I wouldn't say its switched sides... although i wouldn't rule that out either. Perhaps that is the only answer, however most of the time when something very loud (an engine sputtering) is supposed to be very close on my left, its like there is no direction to it i will have to just look around the area until i find where the noise is coming from. Other times it will seem to have a direction but be completely off, I had one time in particular in which the noise sounded like it was coming form the north east when it was in fact directly south.

I know this is quite an odd problem but i would be grateful to anyone who has any ideas of what could be causing this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I've never written one of these before and fear that I've gone into too much detail haha.


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  leon42 13:24 05 Jul 2018

Try to reset your settings

  wee eddie 13:59 05 Jul 2018

Could be this simple: - You may have the headphones on the wrong way round

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