have you cheated in a game and why

  KEITH 1955 13:26 02 Dec 2018

I don't understand why people hack or cheat in games. If you blag your way to No.1 spot my question is what next for you , if you successfully hacked your way to No1 there is nothing else to do so will you carry on using the game.

I have seen paid for and p2win ( micro payment ) games that are easy to cheat on BUT if I did get caught I would have just wasted my money.

Has hacking a game ever back fired on you.

Putting a cheat in a single player game can actually make them harder to complete. Normally if you and the AI team die you go back to a save point , if AI die and you don't your obviously on your own so it takes longer to kill everything.

I ruined all my dragon age games and expansions because when the first one came I put a god mode cheat in the first one , when I installed all the other games the hack carried over into the registry so I was a solo player all the way through after the AI died and it took me long than it would have to finish everything.

  Quickbeam 13:59 02 Dec 2018

I used to have a loaded dice that I used for snakes & ladders.

  Brumas 14:24 02 Dec 2018

When I was a young lad I used to spread my fingers slightly when covering my eyes, when playing Hide'n'Seek, only because I had no sense of direction (as was patently obvious from earlier IL/TPs) - does that count? ;o}

  Old Deuteronomy 14:52 02 Dec 2018

some years ago, whilst trying to find a way to deal with a bugged quest in Skyrim (bugs in Skyrim, who'd expect that?), I read about how to use the console, which I didn't know about. Following that I used the console to create a powerful and levelled character but, it made the game too easy, no surprise there. Having done that though, the game was never the same again and I wish I had never read about how to cheat with the console.

On the other hand, perhaps Elder Scrolls Six will be out before I hit 60. I'm 54...

  KEITH 1955 16:13 02 Dec 2018

I put a code into skyrim that was supposed to put markers on all undiscovered quests , what looked like a devs screen listed all quests but did not add them to game. An odd bug in skyrim was if you went to sleep in a certain place you got captured and the game could never be finished as you could not leave.

  Menzie 18:05 02 Dec 2018

On modern games cheating is essentially pointless as you get what amounts to infinite continues with save points.

When I had my Amstrad CPC 464, Amiga, Sega Megadrive, Saturn and early PC games. Cheating was pretty much the only way to see the entire game as games were very hard with limited continue opportunities.

Cheating was also an early part of games thanks to the difficulty back then. Developers would build cheats in so that testers and the press could get to play all of a game. A 2 page review with pictures of the same level wouldn't make for very interesting reading in a review.

  wee eddie 22:28 02 Dec 2018

When racing Windsurfers, in the early days, and as an avid ex-dingy racer, I frequently used RYA Rules to advance my position. Many hadn't bothered to read them

  KEITH 1955 23:36 02 Dec 2018

hi menzie can you remember pausing the mini loaders to alter peek and poke values for infinite lives , I bet you can

  qwbos 00:58 03 Dec 2018

There's a card game I remember from the late 60s called Cheat. The object was to get rid of all your cards. You declared what you were placing on the pile and if challenged, had to reveal the cards. If they were what you declared, the person who challenged you had to take the pile. If not, you had to take the pile.

Fifty years on, I'm still not sure whether saying your putting, for example, three threes on the pile and actually placing more than three cards on the pile with three threes on the top is cheating or not. :-)

  Forum Editor 08:49 03 Dec 2018

As the whole of your opening post is about computer games I have moved the thread from Speakers Corner to the Games forum.

  Menzie 15:37 03 Dec 2018

MJS - I certainly did that, the good old days!

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