Halflife 2

  gengiscant 09:39 08 Apr 2010

Decided to play this again after giving up on what I consider to be the worst game I have played for quite some time, Bioshock 2.
What a great game this still is,I have also reinstalled episodes 1 and 2 so will play them. There are also some great mods/maps out there.Strider Mountain being one of them, so plenty to keep me going till ?????? comes along.

I have noticed that with this play through of HL2 I am not getting killed as much and the gunships and other bosses are a doddle, perhaps I am finally getting the hang of these FPS games. LOL.

  Colin 18:52 08 Apr 2010

I have the Orange Box and have played HL2 and both episodes twice in the last year. Runs on W7 64 bit with no problems and looks great. You can see how the graphics improve with each instalment. Roll on episode 3!

  citadel 19:40 08 Apr 2010

still like the original best, the others have better graphics but worse gameplay and story.

  mrwoowoo 02:18 12 Apr 2010

From reading previous threads i note that our gaming tastes are very similar.
I bought the Orange box to play all the Half life games through again, as they are awesome.
Your having a laugh surely. The original was amazing for the era. But the latest Valve instalements wow me even more, compared to the original at the time. I did replay it again though, and thoroughly enjoyed it, as it was the first game i ever played on PC.
Hmm, you might have a point.

  gengiscant 09:56 12 Apr 2010

Have finished HL2, agree with X7-250, rubbish ending,finished Episode 1 and the last strider with 5 health only,LOL, nearly finished Episode 2 and will beat the last boss, which I did not do when I played it originally.
Have thoroughly enjoyed these games again, might even see if I can get the first 2 Serious Sam games and/or Painkiller to run on Windows 7.

  ordep 11:20 17 Apr 2010

Just reactivated my a/c with Steam after some years, and now playing HL again.
Serious Sam was mad but, great fun.

  gengiscant 12:53 18 Apr 2010

This week I have re-played Halflife Blue Shift and Opposing force and thoroughly enjoyed both.
Yes, graphics are rubbish and controls a little tricky but still along with the original Halflife worth another play through.
What next????????

  gengiscant 08:41 23 Apr 2010

If you want to extend your Halflife 2 experience a little, download and play this mod click here
its a lot harder than the original game, but good fun.

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