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GTA V PC poor frame rates

  PhillyG76 20:26 13 Sep 2019

I recently built a new pc that I thought would be reasonable for 1080p and ok for 4K on lower settings. I have an Intel 9600k cpu overclocked to 5GHZ, 32 GB Corsair Vengeance 3,000MHZ ram and an EVGA RTX2080xc gpu. Running at 1080p, all graphics mapped out, game seems to run well, but sometimes if traveling fast, some objects seem to just suddenly appear after a delay. But using the NVidia DLSS thing if I go higher than 2175 (horizontal) when ever you turn quickly the frame rate is awful. So this concerns me when I eventually go to 4K settings, it seems I’ll have to lower a lot of settings. But YouTube videos, I’ve noticed a lot have this lag with things appearing side of roads even with RTX2080ti so is this a game issue. Forza runs fine upto 2560 x 1440 and the one just after. All at Max but at 4K I need to lower quite a few setting. Is this reasonable, am I expecting too much? I’m sure the weakest link would be the CPU. If the price lowers and I can be confident that there’d be a noticeable improvement I would get the 9900k. But basically, is it quite difficult running 4K at max settings? And what do most recommend lowering in settings. Oh one final question, my RAM is 3,000 MHZ. For a while I did manage to run at 3,200. But when updated BIOS. I can only get it to 3,100mhz. Did manage 3,200 on one rare occasion but sometimes got the windows blue screen warning. What speeds do most people manage to overclock too? Was expecting to go to 3,300MHZ. I don’t plan on going crazy, but any improvements, I will always try. Thanks for help

  Old Deuteronomy 15:51 14 Sep 2019

The graphics pop-up you are seeing sounds like delay in loading. With that in mind, what type of drive do have the game stored on?

  Old Deuteronomy 15:50 17 Sep 2019

And another one who can't be bothered to answer a simple question, so he or she can be helped...

  PhillyG76 17:52 21 Sep 2019

Sorry only just checked my emails. What you said about the game being slow to load makes sense. But at the moment I only have a Samsung 970 Pro SSD, which seems quite fast. But I’ve noticed on YouTube, videos people post with real high specs and graphics mods, they may have good frame rates most of the time, but all have the similar symptoms like on the benchmark with the jet plane, nearly all seem to have delays when trees appear. I think if there was a mod that used DX12, it may run better. But other games, in 1080p, can have everything at max, but at 4K, have to turn a few settings down. I think to play everything at max at 4K, you’d have to have an extremely powerful expensive set up, and even then you may have to turn some settings down. I hope there will be improvements with driver updates or cheaper mods. But it seems max 4K will be a few years off. 8k maybe ten years. Can I ask what set up you have, and what you like and dislike? Also games. I just got Forza Horizon 4, GTA V and metro exodus. Currently downloading Batman Arkam which is free on epic games. Debating wether to get Control or Shadow of the Tomb raider. Want to get some third person games. A friend told me to check out and it had six batman games for free, and luckily at it uses Epic games launcher I was able to redownload metro exodus which I had free with GPU. I thought the voucher expired as never got round to downloading the other two and can’t now but at least got one back.

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