gt 200

  citadel 22:06 12 Jun 2008

there are screenshots showing what the new card can do over at

  mrwoowoo 02:05 13 Jun 2008

1. Wish i could afford it,but probably not.
2. My PSU won't handle it as it can't even hack an 8800GT.
Still,by the time i do upgrade again,i will be able to afford it.
Going to be a stonking card,but I was surprised at some of the slow framerates they were showing.
1680 x 1050 with eight times AA enabled , the frame rate ranges between 7 FPS and 17 FPS.
Is this because it's a tech demo?
How do you compare it with say an 8800GT.Surely it's beter to have the GT200 running a game so that you can compare it with what you have.

  crosstrainer 07:18 13 Jun 2008

IMO, the 8800GT was a bit overated and overpriced.

Some ofthem were better than others, but the 8800GTX (now coming down in price, but still not what you'd call cheap) is a great gaming card.

Two makes it even better.

The 8800GTS which I recently installed for a neighnour is pretty good too!

  mrwoowoo 16:21 13 Jun 2008

As long as i can play the latest games at medium settings i'm quite happy.
The 9600GT, with a little overclocking is a match for the 8800GT all bar a few frames per second.It's quite a bit cheaper too.
Overclocked my 8600GT so will have a dabble at it with the 9600GT at some point.

  citadel 19:19 13 Jun 2008

the gt200 may be one of the lower priced cards as there are now photo's of the gtx280.

  citadel 19:35 16 Jun 2008

looks like they are here already gtx280 price £433 to £519 at scan

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