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  Pal88 19:20 11 May 2012

Hi there, never been on this forum before but would just like to ask a quick question.

I used to have a Forza Nvidia GeForce 7950 gx2 graphics card (only half of this card was working which turned it into a 7900 gx.) Anyways, this graphics card recently gave up after installing new updates so I went out and bought a new one the ASUS Radeon HD EAH 6770 (Which I got much cheaper as it was on clearance but they listed the wrong one so paid around £40 for it brand new.)

Now from the backstory to the question. I used to be able play Call of Duty: World At War perfectly with the GeForce but now with this Radeon I am suffering lag, also when lag isn't happening some of the other players are skipping frames on my screen but I know this is my problem.

Isn't the 6770 meant to be a newer and much better card then the GeForce, why then am i suffering this annoying lag?

Any help much appreciated thank you.

  KRONOS the First 20:12 12 May 2012

I have been giving your problem some thought and to be honest it is a puzzle. The only thing that I can think of and this is only because I had a problem with Skyrim recently. I got a message that an updated driverwas available ad downloaded and installed it. It completely buggered the game, it was artifactingvall over the place, I had to roll the driver back. So if you. Have te latest you might want to try an older driver.

  Pal88 23:06 12 May 2012

Thanks for the responce, The only drivers I have used for this card are the ones that are supplied on the disc that came with it. I did try to search for new drivers using the device manager tab but it said it couldn't find a better match then the ones I already have.

I to am pretty stumped by this as this is a much newer card but yet doesn't seem to perform anywhere near as well. Maybe Nvidia is just a much better make but I wouldn't of thought it would lag like it does.

  KRONOS the First 02:27 13 May 2012

You are obviously new to changing graphics cards, the driver disk that came with your card is going to be well out of date by the time that you have purchased the GPU. These disks could and should be thrown in to the rubbish bin after you open the box. Always go to the website for the latest drivers even though device manager might say that you have the best one.

Go here and get the latest drivers for your HD 6770. Drivers.

  KRONOS the First 02:29 13 May 2012

PS: Also whie you are there download and install the latest application profile.

  Pal88 03:08 13 May 2012

Think you just may have solved the problem, I tried the game and got lag at the start but it soon disappeared, I swear even the graphics are looking sharper and yes I am fairly new to new graphics cards as never had to change one in over 6-7 years haha.

Will leave this open for now and check out the game fully tomorrow, if all goes well i'll give you the tick and thank you once more.

P.S cannot believe that device manager lied to me by saying it couldn't find a better match, I now know not to trust whatever device manager tells me.

Regards, Paul

  Pal88 18:30 13 May 2012

Just a quick update, sorry if this is double posting but couldn't see anywhere to edit the last post.

This has pretty much fixed the problem but i've still got a slight bit of lag. Is there anything else I could possibly do to fix this bit or is this the best the card is likely to run at?

  KRONOS the First 09:34 14 May 2012

Edit your post cannot be done on this forum for some inexplicable reason, but to answer your question you might find some help here. C O D M W lag.

  Pal88 03:06 15 May 2012

I believe the rest of the lag I was getting is from the person hosting the match at the time as others started to complain about lag after awhile. Been in a few matches since and all is fine, though i can still get a short burst of the character stopping and then suddenly just reappearing a bit further down the map but this is normal lag.

Your solution worked a charm so thank you. :) Now a happy boy with his new graphics card lol

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