Graphic card to show Win Exp 6.

  woody 10:56 07 Sep 2012

I have posted here because I think you chaps are more likely to know graphic cards. I have a spare PC with 4 x 3.4 ghzCPU ,ram 16g and two GT430 graphic cards which can not be SLI. Windows Experience shows all of the items between 7.2 and 7.9 - except the cards which show 4.4. The graphic cards do perform ok for what i use it for but the low 4.4 is bugging me.I guess that's why MS set up the WIn EXP - for sales! I would like to change the cards for some thing not top of the range but will show nearer WIN EXP 6 or so. Fast games are not for me - too old - but I do use some big graphics.

Any suggestions?

  KRONOS the First 14:35 07 Sep 2012

Windows experience is really a poor judge of component performance and really should be ignored.

I am not sure what you mean by having two GT 430 graphics cards but not SLI, could you elaborate?

I would suggest if you must change your graphics cards you must first make sure that your power supply (PSU) is up to the job. It will tell you on a label on the side of the PSU.

Also what would be your budget?

  woody 16:07 07 Sep 2012

The PC has two cards installed - used for more than one monitor - but they can not be joined as sli ( as far as i can tell).Joining the cards (sli) might have solved my perceived shortfall. I am more interested in getting the "WE" num up without going OTT but if i do put a fig on it circa £200 -Two hundred pounds.

  woody 16:09 07 Sep 2012

I have plenty of spare power - the diff between needed (plus ten percent)and available.

  woody 14:04 06 Oct 2012

I have installed a new card - GTX560ticu2 - win exp now 7.8 - works out of the box no problems but it is a large card. I have also put in an ssd - it may load a bit quicker - win exp 7.9 - but not sure if it is worth having ssd if I was counting the pennies.

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