Graphic Card problem 2gb ddr3 hd 6500

  Aliyan Chaudhary 19:54 29 May 2017

Hello My name is Aliyan i have a problem that I have Graphic card 2gb hd6500 my pc have 8 gb ram My all games for example gta 5 watch dogs 2 are very slow and lag plz help me i am in very much tension plz helpme and tell me solution how to solve this

  Archonar 08:45 30 May 2017

The issue is that your graphics card is really not suited to be playing these games. Comparing it to a gtx 1060 (certainly not needed to play them but a good 1080p benchmark for strong performance), the 1060 6gb is 1,100% faster (see here).

I would recommend upgrading your gpu if you want to be gaming, especially on modern games, and you may also need to upgrade your cpu and ram (and power supply) depending on what the rest of your pc specs are.

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