Got a new laptop, dont know how good it really is.

  Zackonow 21:57 26 May 2017

Hello, I just got a new laptop, a Medion Akoya p7631 with i5-4210m, 8GB of Ram and a dedicated GT 825m. And kind of got out of the loop, with specs and stuff since I had last upgraded like 3 years ago. So Ive been playing a couple of games, and I thought I could push the graphics a bit higher, but it doesn't seem to be playing that smoothly. So just asking If maybe the quality isn't that good or I don't know. Would Like to maybe know if its the settings or whatnot.

  TheBlackestAdder 22:14 18 Jun 2017

click here should give you a nice idea :)


  wee eddie 18:54 23 Aug 2017

The Series .m Processor are designed to run 'cool' for Laptops. To say that they are a smidgen underpowered for Gaming is not being overoptimistic.

You'll need to start reducing your settings

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