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Good GPU, bad CPU for gaming?

  WilddogL 13:40 12 Jan 2017

Hi. So I wanted to build a PC for gaming of course, but it was to be a rather budget build (£400). Anyway for this money I was able to get a really good GPU (sapphire rx 480) but a lesser CPU (I5-2400). Most big games say the GPU is way over the needed spec, but the CPU is a bit under. If this is the case, will the really good GPU compensate, and enable it to run intensive games well? Or with this CPU is it just not going to work? - Thanks in advance.

  Burn-it 16:17 12 Jan 2017

Yes and no. The GPU is responsible for the graphics and in a decent system with a good graphics, the CPU will offload the drawing to the GPU. It will also use the floating point processor in a decent graphics card to do some of its calculations. Obviously this usually means that a high level game will not need as powerful a processor. Unfortunately many modern games designers know this and use this feature to make their games more complex, thus wasting the advantages it gave. It is a bit like regularily relying on your fuel tank having a little in reserve and consistently using it, then wondering why you are stuck in the midle of nowhere when it really runs out.

  WilddogL 16:47 12 Jan 2017

Thanks for the detailed response. So should I take this as I am probably OK?

  Burn-it 19:00 12 Jan 2017

It really depends on the game. If it is CPU intensive then you will possibly nneed a better CPU as wll.

  Jollyjohn 12:49 13 Jan 2017

In my humble opinion I would go for the best CPU I could afford and a lesser graphics card at this point. Upgrade the graphics card as funds become available. It is an easier up grade than CPU and you can always put the old graphics card on eBay.

  alexfires 02:41 14 Jan 2017

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  Burn-it 15:16 14 Jan 2017

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