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Is this a good gaming pc or not?

  MemeRat 19:31 13 Jul 2016

Hi I don't really know much about PCs when it comes to gaming and i've been getting into it recently and wanted to purchase a good gaming PC and I found one online that I think would be good for gaming and please can you guys help me and tell me if it's good and if I should change some of the parts of just keep it the way it is the specs are the following.

CPU and Memory: Intel Core i5 quad core. 4460t. Processor speed 1.9GHz. 8GB RAM. Hard drive: 1TB SATA hard drive. Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Interfaces and connectivity: 6-in-1 media card reader. 2 x USB 2.0 ports. 2 x USB 3.0 ports. Ethernet port. 1 HDMI port. Bluetooth. E-SATA. Wireless/Wi-Fi enabled. Wired keyboard and mouse. Operating system and software: Microsoft Windows 8.1.

  FameRuiz 04:24 15 Jul 2016

Apparently, yes! I believe it is best for gaming. Based on the specifications that you mentioned, it is designed for a very good gaming PC. Besides one quality that your PC must have is a powerful graphic cards. However, if you still need more guides in choosing the right one then you might as well refer to this: Best Gaming Desktops 2016

  Sporogarmy 19:18 15 Jul 2016

Yeah its pretty decent gtx 970 is a solid card most games don't need more than 8gb ofram although I suggest maybe a more powerful cpu 1.8ghz is quite weak most modern games require 3ghz speed if you can afford it most i7s are good and later gen i5s hope this helps.

  gvenkatesh 12:00 16 Jul 2016

I think your pc works well for some games and doesn't work for some most popular 3d games ... But you can play all popular android games on your pc with this specifications using bluestacks app.

  FameRuiz 00:25 17 Jul 2016

That's a yes on the specs :-)

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