Getting a new Pc- need help

  Kaffoni 00:52 08 Oct 2012

Hi guys.

So, the time has finally come. My 6 year old can't cut it anymore, it's time to upgrade. I'm an avid gamer, and working on a budget of around 1000 pounds at most (1600 odd dollars). The pc I'm building doesn't need to be the best, I plan on using it to play things like Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, Rome Total War 2, Mount and Blade, Dishonoured. I'm not concerned if I can't play these on the highest settings either.

However, it is difficult for other reasons. I need my machine to be very portable, I live a mobile lifestyle and enjoy lanning with my friends. I also understand that such a small machine will need better cooling, since a little case will get much hotter faster and I need to deal with that. Preferably my machine will also be reasonable on its power requirements and low on noise.

One more complication- however. I do not intend to build my own. I know this is a much cheaper option, but I have enough money, and frankly I'm willing to pay extra for the warrenty and the peace of mind, if you think this is silly/a waste of money, I respect your opinion but please dont use this thread to flood me with it.

With that in mind- Who is the best option for me? I liked the look of the Alienware X51, particularly for its size, but my friends all tell me alienware is hoplessly overpriced and that the x51's power supply is much to weak. I've scouted around Asus, Mesh and Wired2Fire- but I can't see anything around the right size for me. Anybody have any recommendations for me? Thanks for your time.

  emersonkelly 10:46 18 Oct 2012

Alienware X51 is best for you as you use PC mostly for gaming but it is not much as flexible for future upgrades!!

  frybluff 15:19 30 Oct 2012

Take a look at the Bitfenix Prodigy. Nice small case, but, for its size, you can get a decent system in it.

Of course, several manufacturers do cases, with carrying handles, intended for LAN parties, but in "normal" sizes. They tend not to be particularly lightweight, so "portable" is a relative term.

Given your budget, you can put something decent, together, in any configuration.

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