carlojohn 09:25 07 Mar 2018

Hi, I'm new here and to all of this, please bear with! My 11 year old Son found a great online deal for a Nintendo Switch. The website is click here Has anyone any experience of this company; reasons for suspicion are: They have a mobile contact number which someone answered once and said they had nothing to do with a website (I hung up thinking I'd misdialed). Since then, no answer. Also, I cannot find any reviews for 110% Gaming (other than an unconnected magazine website) and they aren't answering my email enquirires. Just wondered if anyone has dealt with this company? Cheers, Carlo

  Forum Editor 13:09 07 Mar 2018

The domain name was first registered four weeks ago, and the registrant witheld his/her name. That's perfectly legal. The privacy service address is in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the EU, an online retailer must, by law provide the name of the company, its registered office address, the company's registration number and the country of registration.

An online retailing site must also publish the terms and conditions of sale.

This site provides none of that information. That, plus the mobile telephone number as the sole method of contact would not inspire me with confidence. I would consider taking my custom elsewhere.

  carlojohn 14:57 07 Mar 2018

Thank you, Editor. That information is really helpful. I'll take heed of your advice and look elsewhere for a Switch console!

  Forum Editor 15:29 07 Mar 2018

Take a look at this. More money, but totally reliable.

  ztop883 22:36 13 Mar 2018

Your best bet in potential online fraud like this is to make a reasonable attempt to reach the vendor. If that falls flat, you likely have actual fraud on your hands. In that situation, follow the money next. Do a credit card chargeback or PayPal reversal. If that still doesn't work, law enforcement may be able to intervene.

  carlojohn 10:10 14 Mar 2018

Thnak you, all. Strangely, no money has been debited from my Credit Card (yet). Having spoken with the Credit Card company, if debited and no goods are supplied I can claim the money from them. So it looks like I'm covered.

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