Gaming and school pc for teen

  sorrelstar 16:14 07 Dec 2015

Hi all, I am looking to buy my son a desktop pc. He has a monitor and keyboard and we bought a refurbished destop 18 months ago from a local store, that turned out to be a waste of money as it didn't work properly after 6 months. He is into gaming so I expect it will be used to play online with his friends, plus he will need Windows on it for school work.

I was thinking of the New Inspiron Small Desktop from Dell at £279 and then found a Gamin pc from CCL Computers with double the memory. The 3 year warranty was attractive but then I read the Trustpilot reviews and now don't want to buy from CCL.

Any advise on the best budget (ideally under £350 with OS) desktop would be welcome.


  Gordon Freeman 15:21 08 Dec 2015

To get some idea, and put things in perspective, take a look at the Gaming PCs reviewed here on PCA:

click here

  Devil Fish 22:49 11 Dec 2015

if you want a reasonable gaming experience £350 for a system is not going to cut the mustard. You can pop £200+ on a decent midrange graphics card on its own.Another £170 for a decent mid range processor. I think you can see were we are going with this.My honest opinion to get what you want with a decent gaming experience you are going to be looking in region of £500 plus for something remotely useful on a gaming prospective

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