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Gaming PCs for beginners - Where do you start?

  Will_Eastman 10:14 04 Apr 2020

My son is 9 in July and he is obsessed with Fortnite and similar games. He current games on PS4 and sometimes on Xbox however, he is pestering for a Gaming PC for his birthday.

Where do i start....... Total budget for the whole bundle is ~£1K - any recommendations of what to get / avoid?


  Forum Editor 18:50 04 Apr 2020

Take a look at this It's hard to beat when it comes to value for money and your son will love it.

You'll need to stretch a bit more to get him a reasonable gaming monitor

Find a suitable keyboard, and he'll be a happy bunny.

Avoid going very cheap - it will be a false economy.

  aleeam 20:40 10 Apr 2020

I am using HP Omen and it's working fine.

  AliceBrent3 12:03 17 Apr 2020

Brand does not matter. The main thing is the good characteristics of iron. Use a good video card (I have nvidia 2080 rtx) + good monitor + enough RAM. Profit

  [DELETED] 01:56 20 Apr 2020

I'm surprised zx81/dolphin watcher didn't mention his game breaker rig.

  Forum Editor 22:45 20 Apr 2020

Staveley Boy

Inspector FE was on the case.

  ankit213506 07:51 14 May 2020

Go for any laptop with high level of graphics card. Like I'm using radeon graphics card of 4 GB. that is sufficient for beginner.

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