Is this gaming PC suitible for me?

  TidalNevada 23:05 28 Oct 2012
Locked I am a frequent PC gamer and play all my games on a PC so do not own a console. I want a new PC which will be generally good for pure gaming at a high level. I don't want to spend much more then £1000 but if I have to I shall go up to £1500. So is this PC good for me?

-All games played on this. -High performance and graphic quality at a very good fps.

PS. I think I posted this in the wrong place last time... New here, so sorry if I did.

  Angeloalbertini 06:17 29 Oct 2012

I want to find game for XP computer....mattress double

  frybluff 13:03 30 Oct 2012

First thing to say is Chillblast are a reputable company, and if you want a customizable pre-built PC, they are as good as any.

However, like all such companies, in order to keep headline cost down, a "basic" build, is going to be using "cheap and cheerful" components. The "trick" is in skillful use of the customise options. That, of course, pushes the price up, and it has to be said, you can always self-build something BETTER, probably cheaper. Easy enough to put together a list of suitable, good, components, and building a PC is a lot easier now, than it used to be.

If you want to go with pre-built, I would suggest these customizations are worthwhile.

CASE: The best value, decent quality case, there, is the Antec 300 Two.

CPU: I would suggest going with i5-3570K, with 4.0GHz overclock. 4.6 GHz is pushing it a bit, and you'd really need to upgrade cooler, all the way to the Noctua. Really not worth it.

Cooler: Stick with the standard one, if going with the 4.0GHz OC.

Mobo: If you are ever likely to want to add a 2nd graphics card, in crossfire, use the LK mobo, if not, stick with the LX.

SSD: Not actually keen on any of their choices, so you could stick with the base one.

HDD: You don't need 2TB for a gaming rig, but as you don't have any choice, stick with the base one.

Memory: Again no point in 16GB, in a gaming rig, but you haven't got choice.

Power Supply: IMPORTANT. If you aren't ever going to add 2nd GPU, use the BeQuiet 530w. If you might want to add 2nd GPU, use the Corsair 750w. Don't particularly like that PSU, but you've no choice.

OS: Stick with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

Monitor: You need to go to one of the top options, to get anything MUCH better than base offering, so you might as well stick with it.

If that all works out too expensive, I can always put something better together, for a self-build.

  frybluff 13:16 30 Oct 2012


Personally, I'm not keen on any of their graphics card options. I'm not sure, if they are making their own, or re-badgeing someone else's. As there are none significantly better than the base one, stick with that. I'm tempted to say, go with the no graphics card option, and buy a decent one yourself, and fit, but they just don't allow enough of a price reduction, for that to be financial viable. If you plan to add a 2nd graphics card, in the future, it may be worth taking a slight hit, going that way, to ensure you CAN get a matching 2nd card, whenever.

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