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Gaming PC: Need help from exp gaming pc builder!!!

  Guest 1234512388 03:23 26 Jan 2017

Hello, my name is mark, and i am planning to build my first gaming PC, and i am having a-few issues with finding the right parts to do the job. So far, these are the parts i am planning to purchase for my build:

CPU: click here Board: click here Card: click here click here click here click here Drive/dvd burner: click here the main thing i am stuck on, the Power Supply: click here i want to quickly note before i continue, i am going to be using a duel monitor display, each at around 22-24 inch (which, lets juts say isn't negotiable in my situation), each running at 1080p (HD), maybe every now and then ill have a game running at 1440p (and no i am not going to be gaming with the game covering both monitors, the duel monitors are mainly for multitasking my school work, and when i am gaming the ability to have Skype, my youtube streaming page which i will i will discuss further through this paragraph, and other stuff like that on the other screen so that i don't have to switch through tabs constantly). Another thing i want to state is that eventually i am going to start youtubing and want to be able to record then post and fairly often, stream 1080p game play footage, so if it makes any difference, keep that in mind.

And last of all, i am very new to this new world i have stumbled upon (i am stepping up from laptop to PC gaming X_X) so i assume that i have made a few stupid mistakes, which is why i am here, so please no non-constructive criticism. Though back to the topic. What i really want to know, is if this is a good build that will work out for competitive gaming, and all of my components are compatible with each other and fit into the case and, if all those requirements are met. can i play, record (and afterword, post), and stream 1080p gaming without any problems and at high fps. And most of all, please tell me if there anything you think i should swap around/change.

Ps: Id like to keep with my color scheme of black and sky-blue... ish. Not very big of a deal though if you do suggest other parts to replace the ones i already have on my list, just TRY to keep them within my color scheme, if you find something that you think will do me just fine but doesn't match my color scheme, PLEASE do not threat to tell me, i don't mind. Regards, mark.

Mother Graphics Ram/Memory: Hard-Drive: Case: Optical And Something

  Forum Editor 08:52 26 Jan 2017

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  Archonar 09:24 26 Jan 2017

I'll try and answer under basic headings if I can, you haven't listed a budget so I'm just going to make recommendations regardless of cost:

Compatibility - Use this website to check compatibility: click here. Enter all of your parts and it will flag any issues.

Fitting into your case - This can be more of an issue, since sometimes dimensions can be deceiving on the website. The best way would probably be to google whether your card will fit in the case, the best way to be sure is to ask people who have done it before. Yours is mid to micro atx I think so I would say just check before you buy as those can on the smaller side, though from a quick glance it looks okay.

Performance / Streaming - Graphics might be an issue if you want to play everything at 60fps and stream, particularly at high graphics. 1440p will probably not reach 60fps while streaming. Don't get me wrong its a good card, but especially if you want to be youtubing you want the games to look good. I would recommend that that be somewhere where you invest more money, maybe looking at something like an Nvidia 1070 which will handle higher resolutions and streaming a bit better. This page shows that at 1440p the 1070 is constantly over 60fps whereas the 480 is hanging below it.

Your processor will be able to handle all the games just fine, and probably video editing too. I'm no streaming expert but I know that it is quite CPU intensive so maybe look to an i7. That will also speed up your editing and gaming as an added bonus. It might not be needed, as I say I'm no expert but maybe something to research more.

Also make sure you get a specialist CPU cooler, it will keep it much cooler than the stock cooler. The Hyper 212 evo is a great fan option, but if you want to go water cooling then go ahead.

PSU - Once you have chosen all your parts use this website to recommend a wattage and I would stick with what they say as they will give you a good safety net.

Other parts -

Memory: At least 16gb if you want to edit videos in the future, more if you can afford it won't hurt but 16 should be okay for now, always easy to add more if you need to. The RAM you have chosen will be absolutely fine for now.

Storage: I would say SSD for your OS if you can afford it, 120gb will be enough for that. Having your computer ready to use seconds after you turn it on makes a huge difference and you won't want to go back. Other than that the one you have chosen looks good.

Motherboard: The only thing with this is that you need to make sure the CPU socket is the same. The first website I linked will make sure of that so just enter them in there. Other than that just make sure you have enough PCI expansion slots you need. Your is a Micro ATX board which is the smallest available, which maybe is what you need but you might struggle with upgrades in the future with a lack of expansion slots.

Extras - Wi-Fi card, you might need this if you have no access to an ethernet cable. It uses a small PCI slot on the motherboard so make sure you have one free. Sound Card - Might be worth looking at if you want better sound quality, but usb ones will work well so you don't need to worry about that too much now.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, you've created a good build, and I am only making recommendations that might improve it for what you want but I doubt they are necessary, whether you change your build will depend on cost and whether you think they are necessary so just something to think about. If you have any other questions, about choosing components or the build, go ahead and ask. My one recommendation about the build is be careful and don't rush!

  JordanMihailov 18:05 26 Jan 2017

Other guy gere were very detailed in their replays but as people quite often as me what computer to build, i always tell them: Just tell me how you are willing to spend ? The most important :) Do you want that computer to be future proof? On first sight i would say the same as Archonar: Cpu I7, at least 16gigs of ram and something better than RX480=> that would be 1070 from nvidia. That motherboard doesn't seem to be very good one. And lastly as i see your components you are aiming into something in the middle class and i7 with 1070 would be expensive, correct me if i am wrong. If that is the case try to best the i5 and look at gtx 1060 also. 16 gigs of ram are unnegotiable:) I don't see SSD in the build or i missed it? Give a little details on budget man :)

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