Gaming PC for Minecraft and Steam gaming?

  Beth17 15:22 29 Jan 2017

Hi, can anyone recommend a decent gaming pc for minecraft and steam gaming (rocket league, gang beasts, etc). It will also be used for recording Youtube videos so needs to be able to handle that as well. Would appreciate any help as I don't know much about PC's. Thanks.

  Forum Editor 22:28 29 Jan 2017

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  Archonar 11:36 01 Feb 2017

Can you give us a budget? That is always a good starting point so we don't give you loads of advice that you can't afford to take.

  Beth17 13:46 01 Feb 2017

Preferably below £800, basically the cheapest I can get that will run rocket league, minecraft, etc with no lag and decent graphics while recording. Thanks!

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