gaming pc help. naive in the world of pc gaming and need some expert advice. budget £1200.

  geoboy118 21:37 03 Jun 2013

Hello all. I'm a 16 year old boy about to make the jump from console gaming to pc gaming and have a budget of £1200. After reading a few forums and looking around I'm leaning towards the chillblast fusion firebird. I am open to any other suggestions.

As i said i am very naive in the world of buying a prebuilt gaming pc so i thought i would tell you a few of my worries.(sorry if they are stupid) First of all it gives me the option to choose from a range of processors with no extra price. Should i just go for the most powerful one,which is an i7 3770k overclocked to 4.6GHz, or will this have hidden consequences?

If anyone was wondering it is solely for gaming and i won't be using it for editing or much else. Also i would like to be able to play rome 2 total war maxed out. thanks in advance.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:08 04 Jun 2013

Not a bad setup but I think I would tweak it a little.

I would definitely change the case to something different perhaps the Corsair Carbide 300R Midi Tower Case which has better cooling.

Overclocking might shorten the lifespan of a CPU but as most of us change our PC's after 3-5 years we are never going to have a problem. As to whether overclocking benefits gaming that depends entirely on the game. I would just leave the CPU as it is but perhaps change the cooler to the Corsair Hydro Series H55 Liquid Cooler which in my opinion is the better cooler.

I see this PC comes with 16GB or RAM which is twice what you will ever need but as there is no way to reduce it to 8GB you are stuck with it. Will not do any harm just a waste of money.

I see that this PC comes with a small SSD (128GB0 which is ideal for your operating system and programs but it also comes with a 2TB harddrive as a secondary. I would prefer to see 2 x 1TB harddrives one for your documents, music, videos, ETC and the other for your games. If like me you have a lot of games on Steam then this is going to take a chunk of space.In my case 465GB which is a lot of used space.

I possibly would change the operating system to Windows 7 64BIt as Windows 8 still has it's problems.

As for the monitor I would definitely spend the extra on the Dell UltraSharp U2412M as they are incredible monitors. I have one and a 27 inch and they are the best monitors I have ever had.

Definitely swap the cordless keyboard and mouse to a wired version, gaming and wireless do not work well together.

I think that's about it.

  geoboy118 13:26 05 Jun 2013

Thanks for the excellent advice Chronos. Regarding the harddrive there is no way to get 2 x 1TB harddrive on this build is there?

I've made all the other changes you suggested and found myself £300 or so in the red. i really want to apply the changes you have suggested so i think i will save up for a couple more months and who knows something new/better might pop up. Thanks again.

  Chronos the 2nd 13:46 05 Jun 2013

Sorry my mistake I was looking at the non-VAT price the full price is £1319 which is already a £100+ over your budget.

These people are pretty decent to deal with so I would pone them up and tell them you do not need 16GB RAM,8GB will be plenty and then also ask if you can swap the single 2TB harddrive to 2 x 1TB harddrives.

As for the monitor the IIyama monitor this has decent reviews so if you decided on this one I do not think it will be a problem. But the Dell is the bees knees and an extra inch which is great for gaming. You have a powerful graphics card not much point in having a small monitor as that would be a waste of the GPU.

Any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

  geoboy118 14:35 05 Jun 2013

At first i made the same mistake at looking at the non-VAT price as well.

I'll give them a ring then.

Yea i've heard from lots of people a decent monitor is a must for gaming so i think i'll wait a little while and get the dell.

I do have one more question. After deciding to wait a little while i remember hearing that the haswell is due to release either june or july. After doing a little research it definitely seemed worth waiting for until i heard it has integrated graphics which looks poor compared to nvidia cards. I didn't fully understand but does this mean if I waited for haswell to release i wouldn't be able to combine it with a nvidia card?

I thought that haswell was going to be a major benefit to gaming but a few reviews said it wouldn't be able to cope with half of modern games with its integrated graphics, which i thought was odd.

I know its slightly off topic but if you could shed any light on this haswell business i would be very grateful.

  Chronos the 2nd 14:59 05 Jun 2013

Integrated graphics for the foreseeable future are never going to be able to compete with a dedicated graphics card. Most CPU's these days will do graphics, I for instance do not have a separate GPU in my HTPC that just has a Intel G840 CPU but that is plenty for showing videos ETC.

Haswell is actually out but it is quite expensive at the moment. I have been looking to upgrade myself and for motherboard and CPU I am looking at around £400 quid so that will give you some idea of the prices and in a pre-built you would pay more.

So unless you really want to wait and see what systems become available I would stick with what you have chosen. As you are going to phone Chillblast you could ask them when they intend doing Haswell builds and what sort of price they might go for?

  geoboy118 15:21 05 Jun 2013

Yes good idea i'll ask them about Haswell builds as well.

Once i've phoned them and asked about the changes i reckon i'll still be over budget by at least £250 even if they change the 16GB to 8. So i'll have some time before i can afford it. Maybe some haswell builds will be unveiled in the meantime but for now i guess the ps3 will have to do. As long as i've ordered my pc by the time of rome 2's release date i'm happy, the game being delayed to 3rd september doesn't seem so bad afterall :P

  geoboy118 18:55 05 Jun 2013

Speak of the devil they have released a haswell range!

  geoboy118 19:05 05 Jun 2013

This would be the only build near my budget. Do you think it's as good a build or better? After having a quick skim over the specks it certainly looks a lot better. My only worry is again the overclocked i5?

Thanks for all this help!

  Chronos the 2nd 19:07 05 Jun 2013

Have they, I build my own but like to keep up with what companies like Chillblast are building. Will have a look tomorrow. Playing with my new toy at the moment, Galaxy Note 10.1.

  geoboy118 19:10 05 Jun 2013

Sure thanks for all the help today. Have fun, speak tomorrow.

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