Gaming PC - Help!

  thomasucci 17:40 02 Dec 2011

Hey there, so basicly im looking to buy a good gaming pc for the price range of about £700 unfortunately I have no clue whats current and what ill need to run many of the high end games so I was hoping could assist me on this. Im not looking for anything specific so custom builds are fine aswell so long as they perform well!

Cheers, Tom.

  Forum Editor 10:20 03 Dec 2011

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  rdave13 00:55 11 Dec 2011

For a gaming PC have a look here.

They have a telephone contact so give them a ring. I can't vouch for the firm just a search engine result. Good luck.

  rdave13 01:01 11 Dec 2011

Umm forget my link. Lowest gaming PC £950.

You can get quite a few XboXs and/or PS3s for that price.

  ordep 10:39 11 Dec 2011

I've just brought a gaming computer from Chillblast, very pleased with it if thats any help. (not the one showen below)

Allso brought from Cougar, there very good to (get a lot of prase @ PCA)

  Ibanez2010 18:27 11 Dec 2011

Have a look at Novatech's gaming pc's.

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