Gaming PC comparison/advice required

  Jason UK 17:53 18 Nov 2012


I'm looking for a comparison of these 3 PCs as a gaming PC:

They don't seem too bad at first glance, and especially for their prices (budget of around £600 for the base unit).

Am I missing something? The last one could probably do with a PSU upgrade, but other than that I can't see anything massively wrong with these.

I appreciate any advice with this.

  frybluff 21:11 18 Nov 2012

The problem with all these types of build is that they tend to use one "headline" component, and then combine it with a total load of rubbish, to make the build really cheap. The standard comment is you can build something much better yourself, and of course you can, but unless you also use cheap rubbish, it's going to be more expensive. With your budget, I would build something like this, which would have much better performance, and actually last more than five minutes.

Hope that works, as we seem to have lost the "Globe"

Anyway, having had my say, of the three, I would reluctantly prefer the first one, on the basis that it does have some sort of quad core processor, and by far the best graphics card. I tend to think it has a very old motherboard, and I don't like "un-named" power supplies (usually means they're awful), but assuming it's reliable, will probably game the best of the three.

  frybluff 21:14 18 Nov 2012

I thought that might not work, as globe was missing, try again.

link that may work

  frybluff 21:18 18 Nov 2012

For info, a comparason of performance between best of three, and suggested home build. Benchmark by Anandtech.


  Jason UK 21:36 18 Nov 2012

Thanks frybluff, useful stuff. Think i'll go along the build route.

  frybluff 08:37 19 Nov 2012

Will certainly be better, both in terms of quality and performance. Build I did is about "best bang for your buck", at budget. Of course, it can be tweaked, particularly to get a case you "like", or you could spend more, to get even better.

If you use a supplier like Scan, you should find everything you need, with pictures (to help with things like case). They also do low-cost insurance, against accidental damage to components, which gives added "peace of mind", if you are not experienced. Honestly, you shouldn't have any real problems. Self-build is pretty easy, these days, and there are plenty of guides/video on the net.

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