Gaming PC Build Help For A Noob

  BabyGrizzling 02:45 01 Jul 2014

So Im seriously considering crossing the bridge from console gaming to PC (exciting I know)! Ive been non stop researching builds, parts, prebuild pc's (which i now know are a waste of time) and forums on gaming pc's. This research has just left me scared, confused and most of all reluctant to part with a substantial amount of money for something that might just not work.

My pc criteria - I need a pc that can run games such as rome total war 2, simscity and fps on high to ultra settings. (i hope for ultra but understand my budget might make this an issue) - I have around £600 to drop on the pc itself not including all the monitor and trimmings, however the price is negotiable. If you want to suggest a build slightly cheaper or higher for a specific reason, then feel free! - I would like to be able to stream games via twitch. - I NEED a pc that can render videos. This is essential, my job means im constantly editing and stuff and my laptop at the moment makes this a NIGHTMARE. - Im impatient so whatever the hell it is that makes my computres deteriorate after about a year and turn into slow coaches, id rather this didnt happen.

More than all I want someone out there to suggest me a build that is going to last, give me peace of mind, game to a high standard and explain the build to the extent where I feel comfortable investing in an area in which I know nothing about.

I know I ask alot! But please :) Thanks very much to any help offered! From Pc Noob

  BabyGrizzling 02:46 01 Jul 2014

click here is what I have been interested in thus far. The graphic's card is apparently good for live streaming...?


  BabyGrizzling 02:46 01 Jul 2014

click here is what I have been interested in thus far. The graphic's card is apparently good for live streaming...?


  Forum Editor 16:10 01 Jul 2014

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  BabyGrizzling 14:06 02 Jul 2014

help please

  nickf 22:07 09 Jul 2014

I personally would steer clear of AMD , I have always found them hot and noisy . The new unlocked Pentium cpu looks like a game changer . I am just about to start a £520 build based on this cpu , so I will update next week .

  johnukguy 06:40 13 Jul 2014

AMD are in fact just fine and will save you a lot of money. The Pentium CPU mentioned above will not allow you to play games like Rome Total War 2 on Ultra, or even high for some settings. The same for any CPU limited game. I would though suggest going for something like an ASUS M5a99fx pro r2.0 board and an FX-8320 or FX-8350 processor. Get a good aftermarket cooler, such as the Noctua NH-D14 and you can overclock a processor like that to around 4.4 or 4.5 GHz fairly easily. Ditch the SSD, which only really helps with loading and doesn't help game performance and you can cover the extra cost of the CPU and motherboard whilst still remaining more or less within budget.

  nickf 18:50 16 Jul 2014

Well , finished build , cpu now successfully overclocked to 4.6Ghz on a coolermaster liquid cooler . Not using ssd , but have 8 Gb of ram , a gtx 660 , msi z87 mobo , with a 500w EVGA psu . So far , it is happily churning thro most games I have thrown at it on medium to high settings with 30-40 fps

  Menzie 15:40 18 Jul 2014

I agree with John, there is nothing wrong with AMD CPUs.

I have an FX 8320 paired with a decent Asus Motherboard and a Galaxy Geforce GTX 660 video card.

The CPU is cooled by a Hyper 212 cooler and runs all day at 4.2GHZ without a single issue or noise. My case is well ventilated with quiet fans too.

Yes Intel is the current performance leader (not the Pentiums but the i series), but they aren't cheap and can fail like any other component out there.

I still have an Athlon Thunderbird 900MHZ system built back in 2000 so I can't fault AMD for reliability. It was my pride and joy used daily for gaming and now I use it for playing older titles in my retro room (it runs Win 98 and XP).

When building for friends/ family I switch between Intel or AMD depending on needs and budget.

  Menzie 15:45 18 Jul 2014

Let me add that on my system without an overclock Tomb Raider runs at 60fps in 1080p with Tress FX off (the fancy hair effects). Everything else is cranked up; with Tress FX on it dips into the 30s

  nickf 17:18 20 Jul 2014

The point of my build was to see what could be done with a £45 CPU , so far the results are far better than I ever could of expected, and for just over £500 total build cost .

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