A gaming pc for around £1k UK. Help pls

  rebel78 22:09 16 Aug 2017


I going to buy a gaming PC and I am looking for specific recommendations from people with more expertise than myself.

I am looking for something that will play anything i throw at it. I have a monitor; its not 4k but it would be nice if the pc could cope with gaming at 4k if I upgrade in the future.

I'd ideally like a nice ssd inside. I'd also like to not have to upgrade anytime soon

I've lost track a bit with current computer specs. I currently have a i5-2400 @ 3.10 Ghz with a hd6790.

My budget is £1,000 but there is some upward wriggle room if it really makes sense. I also don;t want to have to build it myself.

Any guidance appreciated.


  Forum Editor 18:03 19 Aug 2017

This company has an excellent reputation.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:17 19 Aug 2017

Forget gaming at 4k within this budget now, a suitable graphics card will use up 60% plus of your £1000 but, if you can afford to upgrade in a couple of years, you may well find a suitable graphics card is more reasonably priced by then.

  moviesonline880 03:11 05 Oct 2017

Chack This pc games

  martd7 12:27 05 Oct 2017

Chillblast as link from FE

click here

  DiMeo 14:44 13 Oct 2017

Hi, here is a nice option click here it discounted about 350 pounds

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