Gaming PC advice please for novice

  Julie-Ann Bowling 11:48 02 Feb 2017

Hi there,

I am looking for some advice on the PC specialist gaming computer I have recently bought. I have just started to play Conan Exiles. As my system only just supports the game, I don't feel like the graphics are up to scratch so I was wondering if it is the graphics card or the processor that needs to be changed. Is swapping for another graphics card an easy process in terms of taking it apart etc?

This is the PC spec:

Graphics card - GeForce gtx 950

AMD fx 4300 quad core processor 3.80ghz

8gb ram

1920x1080 79hz

Game requirements:

Processor - intel quad core i5/i7 3.3ghz or amd equivalent

Memory - 8gb Ram ✔ Graphics - nvdidia GeForce gtx 780ti/970 or 1070

Thanks in advance, I'm a beginner

  Archonar 11:56 02 Feb 2017

Just to be sure, when you say it barely runs the game, what exactly do you mean?

If it's just not running at high graphics, it's the GPU, it's 2 models below the recommended card for high graphics (950 not 970). I would recommend upgrading that if you want to upgrade anything. I would say something like the 1060 or 1070 would be a good choice.

Upgrading is very easy, almost as simple as unplug the old and plug in the new. If you need any help with choosing a new card and installing it just ask.

  Julie-Ann Bowling 12:25 02 Feb 2017

Thanks for your reply, I have looked online and are they all a universal size meaning will all the different brands out there fit into the system for replacement?

  Julie-Ann Bowling 12:26 02 Feb 2017

They also vary on memory size, what does this mean? Sorry to ask so many questions I literally have no idea lol

  Archonar 12:47 02 Feb 2017

Yes the connector will be a PCI x16 slot for all of them so any card will fit on your motherboard. The memory (VRAM) is essentially like the RAM in your computer but for graphics, the more you have the more powerful the card is.

One thing to note is the size of the card itself, as some are larger than others. They may not fit within your case, so if you're at all unsure open the case and measure the available space in the case (most importantly length) and make sure you have room for the card plus a little extra for safety.

Don't worry about asking too many questions, it's what we are here for!

  JordanMihailov 11:55 04 Feb 2017

What is the game Julie ?

  Forum Editor 23:10 04 Feb 2017


See the opening post.

  KEITH 1955 14:53 02 Apr 2017

Hi Julie , a bit of advice that costs nothing , start by lowering all the settings of the games you think your pc is struggling with. You will be surprised just how much you can lower some settings before you actually see a visual difference. If you dont mind your games running a little lower graphically than you would like then the answer is just put up with it and keep your money in your pocket. i struggled for many years with a naff card but last year i sank a policy and got a pc specialist rig with a gtx 1080. i would recommend the 1070 out of your possible choices. Finally go back to pcs build a rig tab and see if the 1070 is a mismatch with any of your componants.

  Sky_wayne 08:49 03 Apr 2017

it depends on the game also, if it can really support the graphics and the settings. But lowering down the graphics will not give you so much fun and just dealing with it will simply make you sick and tired at times. Just my experience though. I recommend upgrading your GPU.

  Ryan Stevens 11:19 03 Apr 2017

@Archonar Thanks, Friend about your suggestion but what about GTX 1080 graphics. Did 8GB RAM is the best for playing the latest games?

  KEITH 1955 11:35 03 Apr 2017

Hi micheal to answer your q i have 16gb ram. To read about my rig type my game breaker rig into your browser and click top entry. Sorry its a lot to read i have edited it a lot but for some reason the posting is still showing my origional write up.

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