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Gaming laptop wo rgb (at least turn them off)

  craniaxx stuo 14:46 05 Sep 2019

Hello guys i was wondering if anyone could suggest a gaming laptop that has rgb that can be turned off completely or doesn’t have at all. I want something that doesn’t catch the eye as i’ll have to bring it to uni.

Price: 2000-2500 pounds Screen: 17.3

Must have hdmi output.

I have a 1080 on my main rig but unfortunately i can’t bring it with me to the uk. any mobile gpu that doesn’t feel like a downgrade will be fine. I’d prefer to splurge a bit more on cpu than gpu. Thanks

  Menzie 13:51 06 Sep 2019

Pretty much all laptops, desktops, mice, keyboards, speakers or anything with the word gaming included has flashy lights. According to the market this is what gamers want.

If you must have gaming capable power without the flash go for professional business laptops. These are equally expensive but are designed to be powerful, yet discrete in appearance.

Go for one with hybrid graphics otherwise the power hungry graphics card will drain the battery when just running Word.

A mobile 1080 will be slower than a desktop 1080; just the laws of physics.

  Forum Editor 17:54 06 Sep 2019

You posted this in the Apple Help forum in error. I'll move it to the games forum now.

  jantaweb15 11:49 14 Oct 2019
  jantaweb15 11:51 14 Oct 2019
  jantaweb15 11:53 14 Oct 2019
  jessica789 05:11 04 Nov 2019

Gaming laptops are powerful, portable computers that allow you to play games you'd normally need a big, bad desktop rig to enjoy. ... A decent gaming laptop should let you forget you're playing on a laptop at all. Instead, the problems are found in display quality, and build quality.

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