Gaming on a laptop gets boost

  Joe R 17:19 06 Jun 2008

ATI have released an external graphics add-on, for laptops, which will enable people who may have a decent spec' laptop, but onboard graphics, to play more powerful games, at a higher setting.

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  belfman 18:07 06 Jun 2008

This has been on the cards for a while. I'm sceptical as to whether or not it will be a success.

  Joe R 18:48 06 Jun 2008


I suppose it will depend a lot, on the price, and how good the card is in "real life".

  belfman 18:57 06 Jun 2008

The only ones who will benefit or want it IMO are ones that bought laptops recently thinking they would cope or those that have ageing laptops. The latter will be price conscious to the point they may think - I might as well just buy a new laptop. The former might not be able to afford it if they could only get a basic laptop to start with.

No one will want to buy one of those from the off. The point of a laptop is portability... if they want a stationary gaming rig then it's best to go for a desktop.

As I said I'm sceptical.

  Joe R 19:06 06 Jun 2008

Some of the new laptops available, have a decent spec' for a cost of around £400, with dual core cpu's and 2Gb ram, and are only let down by the onboard graphics.

This may appeal to students, or anybody on a lesser budget, to upgrade their "lappy" to enable them to do some decent gaming.

belfman, i've got to admit, I too am sceptical, as I believe they may well be priced out of the market, for a while after release.

  Earthsea 19:32 06 Jun 2008

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  mrwoowoo 19:34 06 Jun 2008

Can't see much benifit regarding ageing laptops.
If you wanted an external GPU then one assumes you must want to play fairly high spec games.
Alas an ageing laptop means an ageing CPU which is almost impossible to upgrade.Why upgade your GPU if the CPU negates any gain in performance you might get.

  Legolas 19:51 06 Jun 2008

As said you can get good laptops for excellent prices but they are always let down by the graphics. When I bought my laptop 18 month ago I paid almost a £1000 just so I could get a half decent graphics card (ATI Mobility Radeon X1800 17" screen)Not the best on the market but it has played all the games I have thrown at it although not always with all the bells and whistles.

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