Gaming Computer Build for Around £800-£900

  Fraz91 11:41 11 Aug 2014

Hi everyone,

My existing computer is on its last legs and as a result I am looking to get a new one. However, its main use would be as a gaming machine for the latest games (not necessarily at full quality) but to also be able to do the usual everyday tasks. I have a budget of about £800-£900 (excluding monitor, mouse, etc as i have extra cash for those). I can also build it myself..

So my main question is what components you would recommend as I have been looking but not getting very far as I am relatively new to this so my knowledge on which GPU/ CPU (i7 or i5) etc is limited.

Any advice will be much appreciated,


  nickf 19:26 13 Aug 2014

I have just built a budget gaming rig for under £600 . I used the new Pentium G3258k , an ASRock extreme 3 mobo , a coolermaster Seidon 120v liquid cooler , 8Gb of corsair vengeance, an EVGA GTX 660 , a 60Gb SSD and a 1Tb HDD housed in a Coolermaster K350 case . I overclocked the CPU to a steady stable 4.5 GHz . On medium settings I get around 75 fps in Crysis 3 , and performance test 8 results are between 3550 - 3600 . I am running Windows 8.1 64 bit .

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