Games you wish there'd been a sequel to

  AllThumbs 01:10 10 May 2011

I have to admit that this post is mostly so I can sing the praise of a much loved game that you can only now play with some twiddling to get it to work on the new tech. Many years ago there was a game called Severance Blade of Darkness in which you played either a dwarf, rogue, barbarian or knight following a storyline. What made the game interesting was the fighting. Which was tactical, real time and moderately realistic, ie if you had a sword and shield you could trade blows with an enemy. If the enemy had numbers on his side then they'd try and surround you, injured ones would fall back and so on.

The game never really had a look in at a sequel which is a shame because in many ways it's what RPG's like Oblivion lacked. Many of the later RPG's that gave us swanky graphics caught onto the idea of sword play but toned it down. Oblivion's art with Severance's swordplay (and cajolling enemies)...oh, and the ability to use body parts as weapons...

So what game would you like to have seen given a sequel?

  Inept Pig 11:29 10 May 2011

Hired Guns! It was like Dungeon Master with guns and new fangled tech, plus allowing for four player split-screen for people who had that many friends.

Although, obviously, any time we think that a game should be remade we should think of the numerous horrible remakes of Sensible Soccer there has been - sometimes technology and attempting to 'stay loyal' to the original just complicates things too far.

And Psychonauts, ignored by many, but loved by games reviewers.

I think there's a few games with sequels already; but that the series could do with a reboot of sorts - I'm thinking along the lines of Syndicate, Gauntlet, Thief, Shadow of the Beast...

  AllThumbs 13:04 10 May 2011

I remember Hired Guns, didn't it have a gameplay similar to Captive in so far as you controlled several characters who moved in a form of realtime and could be used seperate from the group - made for a potentially interesting tactical game (I lost a lot). I also seem to recall a highly modifiable weapon system.

A new version of Hired Guns though would be tricky for it not to just become a standard fps.

Psychonauts was a great game - kind of fiddly in the pixel collision area from time to time, but you get that in platform games (Pyschonauts was a lot more than a platform game - it's still out there, if you don't know what we're talking about go find a copy)

Good Old Gamers have it for about $10

Shadow of the of the first games I ever played.

  Inept Pig 09:27 11 May 2011

Not sure about the modification of weapons, but it did have a wide variety of things to choose from (including what was surely the first user deployable sentry gun) - also boasted a great roster of characters to choose from, with the option for those with suitable hard and software to inflict their faces upon the game.

Agree that it would be difficult for it not to be another FPS given the tendency for such things these days, but perhaps something like a co-operative Fallout 3 would work better; of course, with a more diverse skill tree to take into account the different characters.

I think some games are perhaps best left as memories, there's nothing worse than an awful 3D hack-job on something that once seemed so lovely; I remember the music and excellent artwork of Shadow of the Beast - not so sure that it would survive intact today.

  Inept Pig 09:59 27 May 2011

Thought of one:

Sid Miers' Pirates!

Considering how much time I wasted on the PC update of this years back, a new fangled version with added features, etc. would be lovely.

  kalignorgna 15:01 10 Jun 2011

Planescape Torment sequel I'd love to take control of the nameless one again charging through hords with a warhammer in hand knowing full we you can not die but with the chalange of making sure the rest of your characters don't die

Icewind dale 3 based around the companions of the hall

Total war English empire or maybe a total war game empires at war (the greatest empires ever to grace the would at war)

  wolfie3000 04:20 20 Jun 2011

The problem with sequels and remakes of games are that they tend to lose what made them special in the first place, with the exception of tomb raider anniversary.

  Etwas 13:09 30 Jun 2011

wolfie3000, I'm agree!!! I like good old RPG, like Planscape:Torment, and maybe it's good that they haven't modern sequels. Like Fallout 1-2 and 3 - totally different games for me.

  A7Xdeath18 12:06 01 Jul 2011

fallout are good games however but how are they gonna compete this year? skyrim is coming out and so is assassin creed revelations within november and then you have got modern warfare 3
i just think that fallout is underrated so such games as these which annoys me

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