Games you abandoned

  Inept Pig 14:25 26 May 2011

This is a very rare thing for me as I am often grimly determined to play through each purchase to the bitter end (normally without cheating too), but there are some games that were just too much of a challenge to my time with little reward - the first few I can remember are:

Hellgate: London - became dull and repetitive, cheated my way to the end and forget exactly what happened; a shame as it didn't start off too bad...

Doom3 - rubbish; very pretty and all that - but the gameplay was dated and the entire switching between flashlight and gun was annoying - got bored, cheated, finished, felt empty inside.

Okami - I feel guilty about this one, it was perhaps the last game I bought on the PS2, but was soon surpassed by playing retro titles on the XBox Live Arcade; so there you go: I turned down gaming innovation for the SAME GAMES that I'd bought years ago on a newer system. Anyway, it looked and played nicely enough, it was just that the PS2 got shunted out of the way and I never really went back.

Add to this list any number of impossibly hard Amstrad games, and also a large portion of Amiga titles - in fact, finishing games only became a regular thing with the PSOne and advent of the quick-save on the PC.

  gengiscant 15:04 26 May 2011

Black Ops, oh so boring.

Far Cry 2, because of a bug I could not get out of the prison towards the end of the game, a common bug seemingly, so gave up.

Medal of Honor, though I do intend to go back at some point.

Speaking of Doom 3 just played that again.

  Colin 22:16 26 May 2011

Fallout 3. It's the only game I've ever given up on. Even using cheats and god mode it was the worst game I've ever played. Great graphics and good story but it took me far too long to get anywhere. In the end I read a walkthrough to see how it finished. I agree with Inept Pig saying that some games leave you feeling empty. Probably guilt for having wasted so much time! Slightly off topic, but games with multiple endings like Bioshock 1 & 2 and Metro 2033 where you’re not even aware that there are different endings or you have no idea what you need to do to get a particular ending drive me mad. Do the makers think you’ll play the game again to see a different ending? I don’t – I watch them on You Tube instead.

  Inept Pig 09:28 27 May 2011

Black Ops - agreed, ended up dropping the difficulty just to finish the game and feel like I got some worth from the title, very disappointed in this one.

Fallout 3 though, I loved this, even with the trudging back and forth parts I just found the entire setting wonderful, and the way the stars came out at night (it's the simple things that do it for me) - if you were more used to fast-paced FPS then I can understand that it didn't offer immediate action, but oh-my, it was almost perfect to me.

However, trudging back and forth does bring up another game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl I waited and waited for this game, it's first screenshots were things of beauty in a time before Half-Life 2, I didn't get it immediately upon release but it was something that I made a bee-line for as soon as I had a suitable spec of PC and my, was I in for a disappointment... Endless trudging, cruel deaths that are brought about by not paying attention because you'd be walking for what seemed like hours without a break; a limited 'sprint' option and a restrictive amount of space to carry items - some parts of it were still tantalisingly clever, but getting to these places often involved far too much walking at a snails pace. Didn't even bother to cheat my way to the end, just gave up and moved on to something else.

I think games with more than one ending are to give you the illusion that what you do in the game does matter, and that you're not just a rat in a maze; but that you have choices, and those choices have actual impacts on the gaming environment and the outcome of your adventure - I'd only play through a game more than once if it really was brilliant; and even then as much as I loved Fallout 3, I was content with the ending that I got after all that I'd been through.

  David Price 15:38 27 May 2011

There was a horribly long-winded and boring Lord of the Rings game for the SNES (Wikipedia description) that I played for hours and hours but gave up on in the end. I had to give it back to a schoolfriend, for one thing, but the areas you had to explore were so crushingly vast and featureless it was just demoralising.

I found it quite depressing at the time. I'd been on what was, in retrospect, an amazing run of all-time classic RPGs on the SNES - Zelda, Secret of Mana, Illusion of Time - and this stinker was the first one I'd not finished. It was my introduction to the world of crap games, I suppose.

  AllThumbs 00:34 29 May 2011

Ah. Hmmm. Um. Which is to say I can't recall a game I've actually finished. No, hang on, I finished Fable (the first one) and Half Life 2. Most games though I play for as long as the imperfections will allow and then I'll grow frustrated by the flaws and give up (life being too short don't you know).

Never finished Fallout 3, very immersive game but towards the end I grew frustrated with the bleak environments, used some mods to cheer it up and then just lost interest.

Blops Ha. Never played the sp game beyond the first minute because when it first came out it crashed repeatedly and what I'd seen did not tempt me back after they fixed the crashing fault.

My largest regret I guess was Oblivion which I really liked the game world of, I just hated the storyline part of it. Again, threw in some mods and then abandoned it.

Actually, using mods is an early indication that I'm growing tired of a game. Must. Not. Use. Mods.

  anthonyhscott 03:18 29 May 2011

I never got around to finishing Uncharted 2. There were just too many games to play.

  paul654 22:44 06 Jun 2011

Deadrising 2....never even started it. Requires an update that downloads but wont install..what an absolute waste of money and time

  kalignorgna 14:01 10 Jun 2011

Fallout 1 and 2 got anoyed with the usless turn based control system

Nether winter nights 2 the story line was... oh yeah there wasn't one

Dragon age 2 just how bad can you make a sequel? I gave up once i got to the templar/mage final choice partley due to a bug but mostley because the story was getting progressively worse.

FarCry 2 the origal was great stuning grathics for its time and fun gameplay. 2 on the other hand i think i spent most my time takeing malaria pills and driving around instead of killing AI

Dante's Inferno due to god of war 3

  Etwas 12:50 30 Jun 2011

It's better to list the games I played untill the end. :)

There are a lot of games I've abandoned - like mentioned above Fallout 3, Netherwinter nights 2 and more, and more.

  Jwbjnwolf 12:41 03 Aug 2011

A game on the wii My sims kingdom, I almost completed it but the last 2 or 3 tasks seemed impossible, but I did so much enjoy playing it!

As for Pc games, although I have lots of games installed on xp in parallels, I am hardly playing them, but I sure am playing sims 3 with generations alot as I love creative games.

I just wish that I had grown up using a Mac or Pc with linux rather than windows as I then would not have all my windows games.

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