Games suitable to play on my Laptop

  ponytail 12:08 25 Nov 2016

It is quite a few years now since I played ant PC games and I no longer have any games.I just wondered if anyone knows of any games that I could get.I like the car games ie and the american race forgotten the name.My os is windows 7 perhaps someone could suggest a game controller I could use as well.Thank's

  Devil Fish 23:46 29 Nov 2016

game controller would be xbox 360 controller for your system.but games and laptops don't sit happily unless you got high end lappy and i'm talking dedicated graphics looking a grand plus for a unit,unless you lucky to grab something in sale

  EagleFly 13:08 22 Dec 2016

Dunno if this is what you are looking for but if its purely for time consumption/quick fun i would recommend trying to find some online casino games you like, its a taboo for many but you can easily play without money and some of the games can be really fun - Can recommend GamingRevolution for some easily readable reviews of various games.

  Archonar 14:07 22 Dec 2016

Some details about your laptop would be helpful so we know what kinds of games you can run - as said above unless you have a laptop with a dedicated graphics card you might struggle to play games.

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