Games Room 2008

  Marko797 14:44 11 Jun 2008

Thanks PCA for the new 'room'.

Just hope we can get some of the older threads cleared.

Here's hoping it all goes well :)

  Marko797 18:01 11 Jun 2008

i have it but not loaded yet. I, and I suspect quite a few, wud be interested in what u have to say on the game.

  mrwoowoo 17:59 11 Jun 2008

Not sure there would be much interest.Most on here are FPS fans it seems.
Mind you,at least you would be (O:!

  Marko797 17:31 11 Jun 2008

maybe u cud start a new thread of AC and give us the low-down on it? grafs, system requirements, how it runs, ur thoughts, user friendliness etc etc? Just a thought.

  Marko797 17:28 11 Jun 2008

& meant to mention the steady, but sure, migration of games related threads. Pleased it's happening however, and makes a lot of sense, but wouldn't like the job myself.
Cheers PCA-migration-dude, appreciated.

  crosstrainer 17:24 11 Jun 2008

Some poor sod at PCA towers has drawn a very short straw!

Slowly, one at a time, recent games related post's are appearing here. They have today's latest date stamp, but no new post's on them.

The database is slowly gathering games related threads and plonking them here.

Wonder who got that job? ;))

  mrwoowoo 17:21 11 Jun 2008

Playing Assassins creed at the mo and like you do tend to go for FPS first.
It makes a change to get out the game pad and it's not a bad game at all.Could say it's a bit repeditive and frustrating when you are being chased.(lost my temper a few times)
Good graphics though and i'm enjoying it,so it can't be bad.

  Marko797 17:19 11 Jun 2008

I actually got bored with Area 51 - unbelievable to some ppl I know. It just seemed to go on and on.

Apparently, the new one is called Blacksite or something, and it's a massive game, about 10 Gb or so. Not played it however. Reviews not too kind.

Similarly with Prey. Efects were good and grafs, but the story was so limp, I had to uninstall.

Tried TR once, but like u just couldn't stand using keybd to play, so gave it up.

  crosstrainer 17:06 11 Jun 2008

Got all FEAR episodes, and still play them now. I great game. Max Payne another fave, although very old now, I have coaxed Vista into playing it. I keep a SLI dual core rig with XP Pro for games that won't run under Vista. It's for work as well really, since I am still off with the DVT.

Area 51, now that's another one I found hard....Might have another crack at that. Tomb raider Anniversary...Too complicated to play with a keyboard and mouse, so could only get about a quarter of the way through it.

  Marko797 17:00 11 Jun 2008

I have AC, but not loaded it yet. All reviews are good however, seems a top game.

Similarly, some folks raved about Oblivion (& the expansion), but never got to try it myself.

I prefer FPS-types; FEAR, Halflife, COD etc, but like to occasionally try something new, especially if it has rave reviews.

  crosstrainer 16:52 11 Jun 2008

No, but many seem to reccommend it. I bought Oblivion, and the shivering isles expansion pack (still shrink wrapped) just couldn't get on with all that "Making freinds with people" to get them on your side.

Isn't Assasins Creed a bit like that?

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