games not running smoothly on upgraded rig

  joe990 03:32 18 Nov 2016

hey everyone, i recently was having issues with my pc so i did some upgrading. unfortunately ive been having issues with the new setup. i mostly play overwatch binding of isaac wow and hearthstone. sometimes when playing these games theyll randomly lock up for a few seconds and resume normal operation. i was hoping someone could help me troubleshoot or fix the issues. i recently upgraded the mobo, processor, ram and a new SSD (evo) unfortunately i dont have windows discs as i originally got the old computer used and it had win 10 on it so i most likely cant reinstall. my specs are as follows:

Hey everyone, i recently put together a rig of my own, with minimal experience, and am having issues running games i believe i should be able to run just fine. these include overwatch, Binding of isaac and Hearthstone. my specs are as follows - windows 10 home - gigabyte gaming 7 motherboard - intel i7-6700k processor - Corsair H100 v2 CPU cooler - EVGA GTX 960 superclocked 4GB graphics card - 16gb (4x4) ripjaw v 2800 ram- C750M corsair 750w power supply - 64gb kingston ssd (not sure of model, not used for much) - samsung 850 evo 500gb (games installed on here) - 500 GB HDD (7200rpm) (not sure of model, running windows and random storage). i was hoping someone would be able to identify if something here is bottlenecking or what the issue may be. i have a dual monitor set up using a 32" tv and an old 20" monitor and it mostly happens if i have a window open on the second monitor. i play overwatch on ultra usually with some of the heavier settings turned off like v-sync and shadow details and get about 50 FPS. i appreciate any and all help and hope to hear back soon. thanks

  Forum Editor 08:43 18 Nov 2016

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  Archonar 08:44 18 Nov 2016

When you're playing the game, possibly run something like speccy and check temperatures and the amount of load the components are facing, this might point to something that is bottlenecking the system. Maybe also try moving one of the games to the SSD if you have room and run from there, just to make sure it isn't an issue with the hard drive.

  appsmart 16:41 19 Nov 2016

You can share the games does not.

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