games getting bigger than ever

  KEITH 1955 12:54 23 Dec 2018

Just wondering whats the biggest game in memory size you have ever used , free or paid for. My add/remove says that GTA5 is 70.1 gb but that's wrong because if I hover mouse pointer over the hard drive file it says its 80.2 gb.

My first pc only had a 60gb hard drive !

  Forum Editor 17:10 23 Dec 2018

The official disk space requirement for GTA5 is 65Gb

  Bytegiga 20:02 23 Dec 2018

I tend to avoid huge games. My internet isn't that fast, and I often install/uninstall games from Steam. I think my biggest is Napoleon Total War at about 23GB (not currently installed). Largest currently installed is Far Cry 3 at 11837MB. My most played game, Mount and Blade Warband (2698 hours so far), occupies 2748MB.

  Menzie 20:10 23 Dec 2018

Games will be getting bigger than ever as resolutions, texture sizes and the worlds get larger.

Final Fantasy 15 on the PC with the optional high resolution files comes in at a whopping 148GB!

My first hard drive was an at the time cavernous 180MB. I had this installed in my Amiga loaded with schoolwork, images, animations and game installs and it was nowhere near full.

My first PC hard drive was 4GB, now it is hard to even find a USB memory stick smaller than that.

  Forum Editor 23:13 23 Dec 2018

The first computer I ever owned was an IBM machine with a hard drive capacity of 40Mb. It seemed huge at the time.

  wee eddie 23:31 23 Dec 2018

FE, quite sufficient

  wee eddie 00:49 24 Dec 2018

I'm trying to remember what my Apricot had. It had twin Floppy Disk drives

  martd7 12:39 24 Dec 2018

Far Cry 5

84gb,superb graphics far better than FC4

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