Games feeling sluggish/choppy high fps

  GoldKills 04:26 01 Jan 2018

Hello i have this problem like 7months

In csgo i have 200-300fps and my game is feeling so sluggish choppy when i am moving my mouse fast left right shooting doing strafing shooting literally so bad..

Realized its not just csgo fortnite/pubg work same♥♥♥♥♥♥idk what more to do... Changed grapich card to nvidia gtx 750-ti previous was amd-r7 250 motherboard:gigabyte z97-hd3 bios updated everything processor i5-4460 8gb ddr3ram changed 3mouses zowiefk2/cooler master alcor/hyperx pulsefire same problem Tried to change settings in bios etc from youtube tutorials and stuff nothing help..| Tried vsync-off-on same. New system 5x New power supply=same New hard disk=same Updated every driver audio/video card/ 75hz monitor but i think thats not problem before it was woorking smooth on 75hz not like smooth on 144hz but this now is working like 20hz literally cant explain to you if u dont sit on pc and try to play fps game..

Plese if somebody had similar problem or maybe know what is causing problem please help me idk what more to change..

  martd7 15:11 03 Jan 2018

Graphics card bit outdated maybe?

  KEITH 1955 10:01 29 Jan 2018

do some of the games you use have a fps capper , eg tanki x online has a built in 60 fps capper so me having a gtx 1080 does not make it run any better than a slower pc. ... i would recommend you lower ALL in game settings then increase each one slightly to see if what you just altered makes any difference.... on some games it is hard to spot the difference when you lower the settings , only you will know its not running flat out.... so just accept you cant run everything on max .... no offence meant... the gtx750ti is a bit old but should work ok unless it develops a fault... try this as well .... go to add/remove and get rid of nvidea experience program , also remove entry in start up menu , next , download latest driver ... NOTE... when installing the driver choose custom install and untick the box for nvidea experience or you will be given it back again..... the experience programs cause a lot of problems because it sets a game up how IT thinks you want it... its a pain in the *

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